When fast and furious 9 coming out?- Universal’s Fast and Furious 9 is going to be out on June 25th, 2021 and going to be a huge blockbuster as it has made it’s huge fan base around the globe. Few minutes ago, the fast saga released a video named, “FAST & FEARLESS”. It made us look on the cast talking about what to expect from the women of the movie. Before going any further, first watch out the “FAST & FEARLESS” video from below:

Bolder and bigger which includes Cardi-B too

When fast and furious 9 coming out
Cardi-B still from Fast 9

When fast and furious 9 coming out?-The video made us look on the cast talking about what to expect from the women of the movie. Fast females will take ownership of the movie, raised the bar and will do something unexpected. 

Cardi-B too had a cameo in the video where she talked about the females of the fast saga.

Aso, they made a point clear that this saga is a way to show the world how females can change the world and that is what makes it so cool. 

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Now the most shocking return is of Han played by Sung Kang. We all saw him dying in the third and the sixth installment of the franchise

Still we have him in the ninth installment is nothing but a big and a shocking surprise for all Fast fans across the globe.

But we can see Han and Mia together in a car looking tense which means they are again getting back to action against Jakob Toretto. 

With some exciting moments of footage, the spot only stating that it is coming to theaters soon leaves plenty of room for Universal to delay Fast and Furious 9 again if needed.

When fast and furious 9 coming out
Mia still from the trailer

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Satyam Kumar · May 14, 2021 at 6:54 am

I have been waiting for this movie for more than a year , 25th June is a big day yooo hoo😁

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