What if Marvel Series released today with the story of Captain America 1 movie but with a different explanation. We saw Steve Roger as Captain America in the first movie but here we witnessed something new. Peggy Carter took up the serum to become Captain Carter in What if Marvel Series. 

Captain Carter being the hero

What if Marvel release date: This exploration of alternate events does not just scratch the surface. It goes deeper and explains how, if a character were different than they were, how that would change the universe around them.

What If…? cast: Hayley Atwell, Chadwick Boseman, Samuel L Jackson, Michael Rooker, Chris Hemsworth, Michael Douglas

What If…? creator: A.C. Bradley

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Created by A.C. Bradley, the series is the TV equivalent of the eponymous comic-book anthology series that has been around since the 1970s. The stories are based on the multiverse concept that is now canon to MCU. Jeffrey Wright, whose character is one of The Watchers, serves as the narrator.

Giant octopus and Red Skull

What if Marvel Series
Peggy and Steve

In the first episode, it is Peggy Carter who is injected with the Super Soldier Serum instead of Steve Rogers and becomes Captain Carter. 

What if Marvel cast- Howard Stark paints her vibranium shield with the Union Jack symbol and it is she, to the disappointment of Allied governments who were hoping for a male saviour, fights the Nazis.

What happens to Steve? Does he stay diminutive and insignificant? Diminutive, yes. Insignificant, no. Saying anything more would be entering spoiler territory.

The episode gives a lot to think about. The biggest thought is, whether Peggy would not have been a better Super Soldier. 

Although MCU is based on comic books and suspension of disbelief is necessary to enjoy these stories, it was bizarre to see Steve not just looking like a muscular hunk, clearly the effect of the serum, but also fighting and dodging like somebody who has trained for combat his whole life. His only training, however, was suffering bullies and their blows.

Who voiced Steve Roger?

The most notable recasting in Episode 1 of the series is Steve Rogers, who is not voiced by Chris Evans in this series. So who plays Steve Rogers in What If? That would be Josh Keaton, a prolific voice actor whose past roles include Takashi ‘Shiro’ Shirogane in Voltron: Legendary Defender and the teenaged Hercules in the animated series Hercules

This is not Keaton’s first Marvel project either, as he voiced the title character in The Spectacular Spider-Man and multiple characters in the Disney XD series Marvel’s Spider-Man

He’s also provided numerous DC superhero voices in a number of LEGO DC animated movies.

What if Marvel Series
Captain Carter

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