The sixth episode of WandaVision, was certainly a turning point for the series. Not only does Wanda’s Hex grow in size and strength, but Vision also discovers what’s happening outside of Westview, New Jersey. Dr. Darcy Lewis winds up in the pocket reality’s field of influence, and the likes of Captain Monica Rambeau, S.W.O.R.D. Director Hayward, and Agent Jimmy Woo barely escape from its expansion. Even with all of that, WandaVision episode 7 somehow manages to be even more chaotic than what’s come before. Here’s a clip from WandaVision Episode 7


What’s happening in the start?

At the start of WandaVision episode 7, there’s a certain uneasiness in the air. After the boundary-pushing affair, it’s expected that Wanda isn’t in any mood to play around. Wanda elects to engage in a “quarantine-style staycation,” somehow continually ignoring that certain pieces of furniture in her home are shifting from era to era. 

Also, Wanda’s telepathic son Billy is having problems with his mind — he says it’s “really noisy” in there — but she writes him off and leaves her boys with Agnes for the day, and doesn’t seem bothered that her husband Vision is still missing.

Project Cataract

Why Heyward’s main focus is Vision?

Mentioned last week, Hayward’s plan is known as Project Cataract, and Vision is firmly at the center of it. As we know, after Thanos killed Vision in Avengers: Infinity War, S.W.O.R.D. recovered Vision’s corpse and began studying it for mysterious purposes. 

Apparently, Hayward wanted to bring Vision back to life, likely as some kind of weapon for the organization’s use. He didn’t think it was possible until Wanda made it happen, which explains why the shifty bureaucrat was so dead-set on keeping an eye on the reanimated synthezoid. 

Monica’s powers

What’s her power is all about?

Spearheading an operation of her own to help Wanda evade Director Hayward’s wrath, Captain Monica Rambeau prepares to reenter the Hex by any means necessary. She and Agent Woo meet up with her contact, Major Goodner, who provides her with a military-grade vehicle to infiltrate the Hex unharmed. 

The problem, however, is that the barrier has become too strong for the vehicle to just slip right in, leading Monica to abandon her ride and force her own body through. 

In doing so — just as Darcy Lewis warned in prior episodes — the barrier has altered Monica’s physiology. Of course, the effects seem pretty positive by MCU standards: she comes out the other side with glowing eyes, a resistance to the Hex’s effects, and some as-yet undefined superpowers.

Agatha Harkness

Will she be the main villain ?

The closing moments of “Breaking the Fourth Wall” finally reveal what many fans have theorized for a while: that Agnes was the one pulling the strings all along. In fact, her name isn’t even Agnes — she’s actually a witch named Agatha Harkness, who has influenced Westview and its residents from the moment she arrived. 

After Wanda enters her neighbor’s basement in search of her sons, seeing all of her magical paraphernalia in the process, we’re greeted to an Addams Family-style montage detailing Agatha’s evil ways. From bringing the fake Pietro to Westview, to killing Sparky the dog, Agatha has done it all.


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