The last two episodes of WandaVision were in coloured, and also we got to see outside view of Westview, New Jersey. The MCU fans witnessed the new organisation, S.W.O.R.D. and their rising interest in the town inside the Westview. We got to see new born twins who grow-up fast but this episode added many questions in MCU’s fans mind on how and why all things inside the westview are happening, and who’s controlling it. Not only this but the main question arrives at the end, wanna know what was at the end, then we’re gonna first breakdown each and every important scenes of the episode. Before going any further, first checkout the clip given below:

Growing up Fast

When Billy and Tommy were born in episode 3 of WandaVision, they seemed they didn’t wanna quit growing. Trying to be the best parent in every way, Wanda and Vision tried to make their babies stop crying until Agnes (Katheryn Hahn) shows up and offers to take a shift rocking them. 

With their parents’ backs turned, the twins go from mere infants to walking, talking kids, surprising their mom and dad alike. Billy and Tommy were growing at a lightning speed that it was taking only a few moments to grow-up. 

Wanda begins to lecture them on the responsibilities of taking care of a pet (more on that soon), concluding with the condition that they can get a dog when they’re ten years old. 

When they turned 10, Wanda gave them a dog named “Sparky”, who was a gift from Wanda to their sons. But Billy and Tommy lost Sparky and found him dead in the bushes where Agnes was holding her in her arms.

Despite Billy and Tommy’s pleas, Wanda refuses to bring their beloved pet back from the grave. It seems that Sparky’s death serves as a metaphor and a turning point: Wanda’s reality is quickly unfurling, she’s losing control of the things living inside it, and she knows she must confront the universal truth that death is permanent.

The First and the Last Warning

S.W.O.R.D. continues to check on the view of Westview and keeps track of Wanda’s doing on how she’s holding control over the Westview. On the other side, Captain Monica Rambeau fully recovered after Wanda launched her out of the Westview, knowing the truth of her after she said about who killed Pietro, which you know very much if you’re a MCU fan.

With Agent Jimmy Woo and Dr. Darcy Lewis , she finds new ways to infiltrate the illusion. But Monica’s efforts begin to create an argument between her and S.W.O.R.D’s director Tyler Hayward , who believes Wanda is a threat. 

He shows the footage of Wanda breaking into one of their bases to retrieve Vision’s corpse, then brands her a “terrorist,” which Monica doesn’t agree is an appropriate assessment.

Their argument again starts when Monica sends an ’80s-era drone to communicate with Wanda.

But not only does Hayward’s plan fail, but Wanda also destroys their surveillance drone and departs Westview for a moment to have a less-than-friendly chat with Hayward and his people.

Wanda warned them and made it very clear- She wants everyone to leave her alone and let things go the way it was going, and there will be no hurt and consequences for their actions. 

Vision get Suspicious

After getting many hints from Episode 1, 2, 3 and 4 of WandaVision, the fifth episode shows Vision’s budding paranoia over the nature of his reality to an all-time high.

Building off of this moment, once at work, Vision shows Norm how to use a computer and receives an email straight from S.W.O.R.D.

He then wipes the monitor clean and accesses his co-worker’s mind, freeing him from Wanda’s spell. 

Norm immediately goes into hysterics, mentioning that he needs to speak to his family and that he doesn’t know where he is before Vision places him back under Westview’s trance.

Evidently, this incident is the last straw for Vision, as he confronts his wife about it when he gets home.

Vision loses his control, and had a fight with Wanda asking what’s outside the Westview and what aren’t there children expect Billy and Tommy.

In answer to that, we got to know, Wanda doesn’t know what happened and how it all got started.

Pietro Maximoff Returns

The biggest shock of fifth episode comes in its closing moments, when Vision begins really pushing Wanda to explain what’s going on in Westview.

Their heated discussion is interrupted by a doorbell chime. 

Wanda opens the door and finds none other than her deceased twin brother, Pietro Maximoff (aka Quicksilver), waiting for her.

However, Pietro doesn’t look the same as he did when MCU fans first met him. 

This time around, he’s portrayed by Evan Peters, not Avengers: Age of Ultron actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson.

According to Darcy, Wanda has “recast Pietro,” which invites a questions that extend beyond WandaVision and into the entire MCU.

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