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Venom 2 release date

This is the year of carnage! No one can escape but what do you think, can venom and Eddie? Well! This is why we’re waiting for so long. 

Venom: Let There be Carnage or say Venom 2 is one of the most awaited movies of the year. Fans have been waiting for the trailer for the last year since the announcement of the movie. As of now, we have got the second and one of the most stunning trailers of Venom 2. 

Venom 2 movie is featuring one of the most loved characters of marvel comics. Andy Serkis is the director of Venom 2 and the story is written by Toom Hardy and Kelly Marcel. Avi Arad, Matt Tolmach, Amy Pascal, Kelly Marcel, Tomo Hardy, and Hutch Parker are the producers of Venom: Let There Be Carnage.

Sony Pictures Releasing has all the distribution rights of Venom 2 and Columbia Pictures, Marvel Entertainment, and Tencent Pictures are the production companies. 

The premise of Venom 2

We hope you’ve watched Venom(2018). As you know in this movie when Eddie Brock who’s a journalist was struggling to adjust his life with a host of alien symbiote Venom. This symbiote grants him many superhuman abilities to become a lethal vigilante. In this 2nd part of Venom, we see how Brocks tries to reignite his career by interviewing serial killer Cletus Kasady who is the main villain of the Venom 2 movie. But later on, he becomes the host of more deadly symbiote Carnage and escapes the prison.

Venom 2 Release date

It was decided to make a new shared universe of Venom before the release of even the first part of Venom. In January 2019, the sequel begins when hardy and Harrelson are confirmed to return with marcel as a writer. From November 2019 to February 2020, the filming took place in Leavesden Studios in England. A small portion of filming was also covered in San Francisco in February. And the title Venom: Let There Be Carnage was announced in April 2020. 

Venom 2 release date is not announced during this period. But Venom 2 release date is announced with the release of the trailer and the wait is over. Venom: Let There Be Carnage is scheduled to release on September 15 in the United Kingdom. And later on, it’ll be released in the United States after 9 days on 24 September. 

Venom 2 Trailer

The Venom 2 Trailer is finally out. This is one of the most thrilling trailers of Venom up to date. But we’re expecting many more like this. But before we review trailer 2 of Venom, Check out this if you haven’t seen it yet.

Well! This is what we’re expecting from Venom. Trailer 2 was full of suspense, carnage, and one important thing that was missing called blood. 

As we can see that Cletus Kasady who’s the serial killer bites Eddie brock when he was in the prison. But he’s also a serial killer so it is one of his specialties to catch if there dual personality in another person. He detects some difference in Eddie’s blood and mentioned it.

Due to this, the symbiote started spreading in the whole body of Cletus Kasady slowly. But in the meantime, he was given death punishment. The process of death punishment also boosted up the process of the symbiote and Cletus Kasady becomes Carnage. It was another version of Venom

But because of the string host who’s a serial killer, he’s much more powerful than Venom. We see how he destroyed everything in the prison including guards. And the scene when he killed the guard in such a manner that even impossible to imagine was just cruel. 

On the other side, Venom is trying to get control over Eddie Brock. He wants to eat people that what he likes to do. Eddie is trying to make him understand that if he’s going to this, they both will be in the dark cell. Meanwhile, Venom calls him a loser which was not the first time. 

Venom vs Carnage

And there, Cletus Kasady is trying to being wealthy and trying to make carnage everywhere around the city. When Eddie and Cletus Kasady face each other. Venom didn’t want to come out of the body saying it was red. Eddie was in big trouble, So he said to him that if he comes outside, he’ll allow him to eat everyone he wants. And I’m sure that this promise will make more trouble to Eddie in the future than Cletus Kasady. 

Also, we see how Venom 2 is connecting almost all the old characters of the Venom movie of 2018 which is a better thing to watch. The ending of Trailer 2 of Venom was also cinematic which gives a big positive sign of the success of this movie. Overall, this is what a Venom fan-like me wanted from the trailer. 

Fellas! Are you also a true fan of Venom? Do mention your best part in the comment section. I know how you’re willing to know about the release date of venom 2, so let’s have a quick eye over it. 

Venom 2 Casting

  • Tom Hardy – Eddie Brock who’s Venom
  • Michelle Williams – Anne Weying who’s Eddie’s Ex-fiancee.
  • Stephen Graham – Mulligan who’s a detective
  • Naomi Harris – Shriek who’s Kasady’s love interest from the comics
  • Woody Harrelson as Cletus Kasady who’s a Carnage. 

In addition to this, Peggy Lu reprises her role as convenience store owner Mrs. Chen from Venom(2018) movie. Also many other characters we can see in the upcoming events of the movie. 

Stay tuned with us we’ll keep on updating this!

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