Top Christopher Nolan Movies must be hard to decide because the way Nolan made films, it’s very hard to rank them. The idea and concept that he used in the movies are way past unique and all top 10 Christopher Nolan movies felt like movies that should have been made in future. Today we are gonna discuss his top movies that made us have goosebumps and shock. 


Top Christopher Nolan Movies

TENET is without doubt the most confusing movie Nolan ever made. And is one of those movies which are confusing to understand but still manage to make you overwhelmed by the acting and the concept. 

Since Day One, Nolan movies have been pushing the boundaries of how intellectually challenging blockbusters can be. 

In this case, we apparently found the breaking point. Tenet is basically unintelligible —

from the headache-inducing plot to the sound mixing that made the dialogue in certain scenes impossible to hear.

The cinematography of the film is one of the best for me. Though not winning an Oscar didn’t mean the film never made it better than the rest. So for me, cinematography and visuals are the best suited for this film to win any award. 

4) The Prestige 

Top Christopher Nolan Movies
Christian Bale in The Prestige

If you do some magic by using some science tricks that can make people fool their eyes, then The Prestige is worth watching.

One of the most low budget films ever made by Christopher Nolan-

but still managed to get ranked in top Christopher Nolan Movies. 

It showed a rivalry between two people who wanted to fool the world by making them know who is the best in all.

By using the help of Tesla’s invention-

Hugh Jackman’s character makes his own copy that makes people think on how he got teleported from one place to another.

I ranked it in Top Christopher Nolan Movies as it deals with one of the best Sci-Fi movies that delivers the best understanding of Tesla inventions and the most important on how it made science accurate.

The acting, cinematography, production design, costumes, story, editing — everything is top-notch. It also brings up important questions about life, death, careers, time, duplicity, magic, memory, and commitment.


Top Christopher Nolan Movies

I love many things about this movie, especially how the BGM made by the legendary Hans Zimmer made it easy to understand and how beautifully it is connected to each scene. 

When the earth was fading away from food, one day existence will be over and existence will be over on earth.

With such a small concept, Christopher Nolan delivers visually and intellectually one of the best Sci-Fi and space movies of all time.

Many of the Visual effects in the film were created beforehand so that the filmmakers could later capture them “in camera.” 

This allowed actors to react to their surroundings without the use of green screens. 

Watching Matthew McConaughey mow through an okra field-

with a pick-up or slip into a black hole are just some of the great moments in the film.

And the bond that we discovered between Murphy and his father Cooper, was astonishing to see in our eyes. The bond was what made scientists find another planet for existence. 

If you want to see some space movies with excellent Sci-Fi in it, then INTERSTELLAR is worth watching.


Top Christopher Nolan Movies
Cobb and his team in INCEPTION

While the audience was used to some simple and outstanding concept, Christopher Nolan in 2008, gave the audience a mind-bending movie named INCEPTION.

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It will remain in the top five movies of Christopher Nolan as we witnessed a beautiful film with a unique concept of dream.

Playing the lead character of Cobb by Leonardo DiCapario, Cobb was sentenced for his life imprisonment as he stole ideas of people by entering into their minds.

When he got a chance to get rid of them all, he did what he had to do and that’s Inception- planting an idea in someone’s mind so as to make their mind change for their own good.

Not difficult to understand but also not too eay. And that’s the beauty of Christopher Nolan’s concept.

1) The Dark Knight

Top Christopher Nolan Movies

Now, what should I say about this movie. It’s all perfect at every scene. It showed us how a superhero can even fail while protecting the city from a maniac named JOKER. 

It’s one of those movie which his full of excitement, fear and madness that was created by joker.

The acting in the movie is perfect and especially from Heath ledger’s JOKER. Heath gave a top notching performance by playing an evil maniac. Playing that role affected him deeply but this was what made this movie so special.

Christopher Nolan delivered a movie that showed us the truth of humans that they have an evil side inside them. And if it gets a real face in the audience, then the whole world can have fear from it.

The Dark Knight has some truly unforgettable moments, and some of the best performances in a superhero film. The film is all about chaos and the battle, not between good and evil, but Nolan’s take on natural conflict.

What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object, and how every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

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