Thor Love and Thunder release date- is currently slated to be 6 May, 2022. It’s an MCU superhero movie, created by Stan Lee, which is penned and directed by Very famous writer-director TAIKA WAITITI. Taika directed THOR RAGNAROK, which counts among the best MCU and superhero movies ever made. 

Thor Love and Thunder release date
Thor and Banner still from Thor Ragnarok
Marvel’s ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ filming reportedly wrapped in Australia on 31st May

The film was shot thoroughly in Australia and finally the shooting has wrapped up. Thor: Love and Thunder has been under production since last year after the release of Spiderman Far From Home.

Since the release of Thor Love and Thunder is on the deck for 6 May, 2022, we can expect the trailer to come out near the release day of ETERNALS. 

As of now, we don’t have much update on the trailer of Thor Love and Thunder, but we still know what to expect. And as for now, we too know Jane Foster will charge as Mighty Thor who will lighten up the Mjolnir. 

Taika Waititi on the film

Waititi, who directs the film, had also stated previously that only a few more weeks of filming were left. And now this latest post by Vannella pretty much reaffirms that Thor: Love and Thunder shoot is likely over. However, Marvel Studios hasn’t confirmed this news just yet. This will be the fourth movie in the Thor franchise and the 29th film in MCU.

Thor: Ragnarok, the previous film about the God of Thunder, released in 2017. It received a lot of critical acclaim for Waititi’s excellent direction, humor quotient and the cast performances.

Cast of Thor Love and Thunder

The movie will include Guardians of the Galaxy. So all the cast of James’s Gunn Guardians of the Galaxy will have their role in the film. The main cast are:-

Thor- Chris Hemsworth

Jane Foster- Natalie Portman

Tessa Thompson- Valkyrie

Christian Bale- Gorr the God Butcher

Jaimie Alexander- Lady Sif

Chris Hemsworth

Tessa Thompson

Natalie Portman

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