The Misfits

The Misfits is an upcoming action heist movie which is directed by Renny Harlin. Kia Jam, Dean Altit, Rami Jaber, Qais Qandil, and Jalal Abu Samir are the producers of the movie. Robert Henny and Kurt Wimmer wrote the story of the movie. The avenue Entertainment is the distributor of the movie.

The plot of The Misfits

Set inside the center East, the movie follows a master architect Richard Pace who reveals himself caught up in a main gold heist with implications that go some distance beyond what he may want to have possibly deliberate for.

Cast of The Misfits

  • Pierce Brosnan as Richard Pace
  • Rami Jaber as The Prince
  • Mike d Angelo as Wick
  • Tim Roth as Schultz
  • Nick Cannon as Ringo
  • Qais Qandil as Jason Quick
  • Hermione Corfield as Hope
  • Jamie Chung as Violet

In addition to these, some more characters are also part of this movie.

Trailer of The Misfits

Paramount has unveiled an official trailer for an action thriller movie: The Misfits. Check out the stunning trailer below:


The stunning movie from Finnish filmmaker Renny Harlin, who had an epic run in the 90s (Die difficult 2, Cliffhanger, Cutthroat Island, The long Kiss Goodnight, Deep Blue Sea) are some of his blockbuster movies. However he hasn’t made something exciting these days. After being recruited by a group of stagnant thieves, famend crook Richard pace reveals himself caught up in an elaborate gold heist that guarantees to have a long way-achieving implications on his lifestyles.

But the trailer reveals almost 60% of the movie. So, you can have a good idea of the movie. There’s action in the end but the climax is still a mystery. 

Release of The Misfits

It was announced that the movie will be released on 11 June, 2021

Trevor Rebin is the music composer of The Misfits. 

Stay tuned for more!

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