Till now, in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, we saw a new Captain America named John Walker who ran from one of the best army officers to killing the big fan of  Captain America. Sam and Bucky along with Zemo and Sharon Carter were busy finding the details on the making of super soldier serum. And on the other hand, Karli, the lead member of Flag Smashers wanted to change the world through her dark perspective. So, all we can say is that, the four episodes of set-up the story of the series and for the finale and the rest two episodes will be going to be more intense. Yesterday, we got a sneak peek of all four episodes along with some glimpse of the upcoming one.

Here, in this article, we’ll discuss it in detail along with some updates. But before going any further, let’s first check out the sneak peek of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier from below:

A special cameo in the fifth episode

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is going to have a special cameo in the fifth episode. But this character will not be any Avengers or any MCU character we’ve seen so far in the MCU. It will be a completely different new character which will be played by a well-known Hollywood actor. 

Still we don’t have any update on which character it will be and the actor who’ll play this character but it’s almost confirmed, it’s going to shock people and fans around the globe. So, don’t get too attached for the upcoming remaining two episodes of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

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Many fans have claimed that it might be a character that will be equal to Captain America, Steve Rogers and Thor. But the director herself confirmed, it’ll be a grounded character, not from the world’s of Thor or any major MCU character. But it will blow up our mind.

Sam finally willing to take the Shied from John

So, we’re now four episodes down, with remaining only two as The Falcon and the Winter Soldier throw us an emotional and intense journey with a new Captain America named John Walker. Moreover, now Disney Plus original series is approaching to it’s finale, the makers of the show released a new mid-season sneak peek, teasing Sam and Bucky joining forces against the new brutal Captain America aka John Walker.

Mid-season Sneak Peek

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier
John getting ready to fight Sam and Bucky

So, the new video starts with Sam and Bucky handing over the shield to the US government-

but being unaware of the result of it that it will fall on the wrong hands.

The Legacy of that shield is complicated but as Steve was a good man and serum enhanced your inner strength, Steve was able to lift the legacy and weightage of that shield easily.

But it all gets ruined after the shield holds into the hands of John Walker. By the end of episode four, we saw the serum enhance the inner strength of John Walker and became intensed. He became worse and killed a member of the rebel group, The Flag Smashers.

Moreover, Sam and Bucky are now ready to take charge against John Walker. “We don’t want anyone else to get hurt”-Sam. In reply, John says, “ You don’t want to do this”. We saw John threatening the one of the duo of the Avengers, but Bucky after tolerating John, said “ Yeah, we do”.

The sneak peak ends with the trio getting ready for bog action. We might expect same trio fight like we saw at the end of Civil War.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier
Bucky being angry at John


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