The Falcon and the Winter Sioldier episode 1 kicksoff a solid start. There is no dreamland here, no sitcom-like situation with two people in love. In fact, The show opens with pain. Sam Wilson, who was given the Captain America shield by an old Steve Rogers decides to donate it to the government instead of carrying on his legacy. The fact that he is in mourning is clear in his eyes. Even when he is still putting his life in danger as a pararescue soldier, it is clear that he is not an Avenger any more.

Life of Sam and Bucky after the snap

the falcon and the winter soldier

The events of Avengers: Endgame were so glamorous that people forget that the first thing these people did after coming back from the dead again was to fight the villain who killed them in the first place.

Sam’s personal life is a mess. His sister, a widow, is struggling to keep her and her children afloat.

Sam wants to help her and takes her to a bank.

However, even when the manager takes selfies and thanks Sam ‘for his service’, he still doesn’t want to approve a loan for them.

The message is clear, you can be a hero in America, but you can’t get a loan if you are Black.

Bucky on the other hand, still has nightmares about the people he killed as the Winter Soldier.

He is in therapy with another war veteran who knows when he is lying.

We see him trying to make amends as a part of his recovery.

He has befriended an old Japanese man who doesn’t know that Bucky killed his son.

Obviously post traumatic stress disorder and mental health is nothing to joke about.

But in true MCU fashion, we see Bucky coping with a sense of humour. In a way, it’s a commendable feat to achieve with a character like him.

Since the episode is a setup for more important things to come, it is also slightly slow and apart from the set piece in the beginning, more focussed on the small character moments than a big VFX scene.

Falcon and Winter Soldier have not crossed paths yet, so we had not had the chance to witness their relationship.

But as an introduction or rather reintroduction to these two characters, this episode works wonderfully.

It has made us excited about the eventual partnership and also their own individual stories

The scale and the visual effects, at least in one scene, promise a thrilling and action-packed six episodes that also dig deep into the two titular characters.

Overall, the first episode of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is a solid beginning to a promising MCU show.

Bucky’s peace isn’t yet over

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier episode 1 then flips back to Bucky, who’s on a date with waitress Leah that Yori set up for him.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier episode 1 heads back to Louisiana.

With Sam and Sarah going to a bank to get a fresh loan for their business.

The loan officer (Vince Pisani) quickly recognises Sam as an Avengers, who agrees to take a selfie with him.

As they get down to brass tasks, the loan officer notes that Sam’s records don’t show any income for the last five years.

The loan officer then (jokingly?) wonders if Tony Stark paid the Avengers a salary, for Sam to remind him that he did it for the love of his country.

Unfortunately, you can’t put that down on a loan application — and hence, Sam and Sarah are denied the money they desperately need.

U.S Agent and The Flag-Smasher 

the falcon and the winter soldier

Outside, the Wilson siblings get into an argument, which essentially exists to reveal their backstories.

Sam left the family at an early age and joined the Air Force, and it was left to Sarah to run the family business.

Later, Sam gets on a video call with the injured Joaquin, who explains what he had been (foolishly) up to.

In their conversation, they bring up the term “Flag Smashers”, which is not a name we’ve heard before.

But is central to the new Marvel series as we know from promos.

But The Falcon and the Winter Soldier episode 1 doesn’t bother to get into that just yet, leaving it for future episodes.

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Just then, Sarah walks in, asking Sam if he’s heard the news.

On the TV, a government official announces that in the wake of the Blip, the country needs to be inspired again — it needs a new symbol.

And in direct contrast to Sam’s views on the topic, the US Department of Defense reveals that it’s picked a new Captain America.

While Sam was reluctant to pick up the shield because he felt it belonged to Cap, his country has no qualms about handing it over to someone else at a moment’s notice.

Director’s idea on Sam storyline

the falcon and the winter soldier

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier’s director opened up about the crux she shared with Marvel Studios.

From then on, the door was probably a little bit more open, but I really meant it. And that was because we’re talking about the shield.

Kari Skogland continued, “Digging into Black history and digging into what it represented as a very white construct.

The whole shield and the nature of a hero that stood behind it was a very old and slightly antiquated idea at this point. So is it even relevant? And I felt that was the crux to the story and that was the story they wanted to tell. So I threaded the needle.


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