Tenet is a fascinating and exciting sci-fi thriller bolstered by Nolan’s grand vision for action and strong performances from the cast. It’s one of the best cinematic movies ever made with many mind-bending scenes that will make your brain spin even more than Nolan’s previous movies. It’s storytelling way along with the way character development showed in the movie will make you love this film even more. Check out the trailer given below:

The Plot

The plot of the tenet, as you might expect at this, has a lot going on.

The main idea is this: The nameless Protagonist played by John David Wasington, has been recruited into a shadowy collective of people that can identify themselves by a hand sign of interlaced fingers and the word “TENET”.

Pieces of broken detritus are coming back through time, implying mass destruction from some future global conflict. The protagonist has proven himself trustworthy enough to assist his loose conglomeration of insiders who are trying to understand and prevent World War III.


We learn with the protagonist that all the items arriving in the past are “inverted”, meaning their entropy- the scientific concept of energy- is progressing thermodynamically backwards relative to the past, which is of course itself moving towards the future. If balance of inverted objects ever becomes equal with the amount of the forward-moving objects, spacetime will be annihilated.


Neil at the end of the movie

The protagonist secures the assistance of a C.I.A attache named Neil to get him to exotic locales, meet people suspected of knowing more about “TENET” and ultimately follow that chain back to the apparent source of the inverted items. 

Andrei Sator

Sator in Red-Blue Room

Andrei Sator, who is said to have a mysterious ability to communicate with the future. He’s also able to grant the quality of inversion through devices called “Turnstitle”- Machines that may or may not be quantum- entangled, and the essentially let people and  objects move backwards through time.

The Algorithm

The Protagonist ultimately discovers that the main item they’re chasing is the ALGORITHM, nine physically connectable objects that encapsulate the mathematical concept by which inversion is possible. The unnamed inventor of the Algorithm is said to have made these objects and scattered them in the past to keep the algorithm’s secret safe and she killed herself.

Climax(The Temporal Pincer Movement)

During the climax, which takes place in a former sovient closed city, we are shown that Neil and the Protagonist are placed on opposite sides if the so-called TEMPORAL PINCER MOVEMENT: Two combat teams, one inverted and on not operating simultaneously in the time to assist each other in acquiring the algorithm.

During the mission briefing, a military commander named IVES mentions there is also a turnstile onsite- another machine which can invert themselves in time. This fact is not lost on Neil. He knows everything as he was from the future and came in the past to warn and protect the protagonist, so that they can prevent Sator’s mastermind of destroying the planet.

The Old Friend

First time meet of the Protagonist to Neil

As we go with the beautifully paced of the movie, it reveals Neil in place- acquaintance, ally, confidante and ultimately a very old friend to the Protagonist. In the future, the protagonist is the only one who recruited Neil to go back in the past and meet the old protagonist. This was done to warn, protect and help him to change the upcoming destruction that may destroy the entire planet

As in the first 20 min of the movie, you can see Neil revealing Protagonist’s favourite drink- THE DIET COKE. And in the first 6 min of the movie prologue, you’ll see a masked man save the Protagonist from an inverted bullet. The masked Neil shows he knows the protagonist for a long time.

Here’s the prolouge of TENET

The Soundtrack

The movie itself feels like it was made on the other planet, but apart from the plot, what makes TENET more interesting is the soundtrack. It was done by Ludwig Göransson, who also created the soundtrack of MCU film Black Panther. It had the inclusion of TRAVIS SCOTT, who sang a song named “The Plan”. Below is the Travis Scott’s “The Plan”:


Michael Caine, Kenneth Branagh, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Elizabeth Debicki, Robert Pattinson, John David Washington, Clémence Poésy, Dimple Kapadia.


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