TENET movie review. It is Christopher Nolan’s cinematic masterpiece that will be remembered till many decades from now. It’s an epic thrilling ride that will make you stay to the edge of your seat until the last scene of the movie. But if you want to understand this movie part wise then we’re here to make you understand the film in four parts. The first part has been already explained. But if you haven’t watched the film yet, then watch it now on prime video. And if you still have something not understood then read our all 4 articles on TENET that will solve all your mind-bending doubts. Before going further, first take a glimpse on the trailer 3 of TENET:


Opera Siege is one of those scenes that was explained least in the film. It was all about stealing the last piece of Algorithm to complete the last whole Algorithm.  

What is Algorithm??- It’s an object of nine physically connected objects that encapsulate the mathematical concept with the help of which inversion is possible.

TENET movie

Neil saving the Protagonist

Sator, the villain of the movie, sends his troops to siege the opera and find the last piece of Algorithm from a CIA operative who is compromised. They came up as a terrorist to rescue the CIA but it was a fake rescue of the last piece of the Algorithm for Sator. 

The Protagonist and his team were sent by the future team TENET ( without knowing the Protagonist ). TENET, the future team uses the time-loop in the future to go back to the opera house by knowing that Sator’s organisation will go to stage fake-terrorist attack in order to steal the last piece of Algorithm. Sator’s group was in disguise as SWAT agents.

Ukranian Secret Service known about the hand-over and decides to steal the piece from the protagonist. They knew the Protagonist would try to save the CIA and take the last piece of the Algorithm so as to prevent it from getting into Sator’s hand which he fails to manage, but there was a reason why he failed.

Protagonist changes the mission by saving the people of the opera and taking the CIA agent to the Russian Thugs who were waiting outside in a van. One of the TENET agents saved the protagonist from a bullet which was inverted. That agent was Neil ( Robert Pattinson ). 

The Protagonist was captured by the Ukranians when they got the wrong person. The protagonist knew it was the wrong person but he wanted to change the plan, that’s why it happened. The protagonist was tortured and beaten up by the Ukranian Secret Service.

But the Russian Thugs who tortured the Protagonist were members of TENET organization. They gave protagonist Fake-Cyanide pills so as to start the organisation in first place. This is where the past started to change.

Understanding Inversion

Inversion is all you first need to understand first in order to understand the whole movie because the whole movie is based on time-inversion. After the Opera Siege, the Protagonist is now living in the afterlife- according to the movie, afterlife means now the Protagonist will not work for any organisation, he’s free to take the task of saving the world from Sator’s master-mind of destroying the whole world.

To understand the inversion, the protagonist went to meet Laura. Laura tries to explain the task to the protagonist. According to Laura, it’s an attempt to prevent World War III, which is going to start by Sator. When Laura says to shoot the empty magazine, the Protagonist feels something strange. The bullet actually came to the magazine by running backwards. The bullet’s entropy runs backwards, and why?? Because it was sent by the future organisation named TENET. 

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It was sent so that the Protagonist understands the inversion deeply because from there, he was the only one to lead the task to prevent the Sator’s doing. To make something move in backwards, first to need to make it move. And it can be done when you make your first move. In the movie, to make the bullet run backwards, the Protagonist has to act like he dropped it. This is something very new to the audience that Christopher Nolan proposed.

Meeting Neil and Priya


The Protagonist and Neil

In Mumbai, after learning about the inversion, The Protagonist wanted to know about Sator, and for that he met Neil. Neil was going to be his partner for completion of the task. When Neil ordered Vodka Tonic for himself and a Diet Coke for the Protagonist, the Protagonist got shocked. Why did he get shocked?? Because Diet Coke was his favourite, which Neil knows. He knows because he’s a friend of the Protagonist from the future. Here, Neil is sent by TENET in the past, to meet him again and complete the task.

The Protagonist went to Mumbai in order to meet his partner Neil and interrogate Sanjay Singh. As Sanjay was the arms dealer, he wanted to know who supplied the ammunition in Ukraine that almost took him out.

Priya, in husband’s defence, came up and started talking about TENET. Yes, Priya knows about TENET, but not in detail like how it started. She explained it was done by TENET, and also told him what he has to do next in order to know about Sator. We got to know about Sator more from the Protagonist too. 

According to the lines of the Protagonist, Sator is Russian Oligarch who made billions from gas. Further adding, Priya said gas made his billions by the help of Plutonium. Sator is kinda a broker who is communicating with the future in order to do something big

So who is Sator? And how will The Protagonist meet him?

In above, we got to know something about Sator. But to know more about him, the protagonist went to London to meet Mr. Micheal Crosby, who knows about Sator in detail.

According to Mr. Crosby, Sator was raised in Stalsk-12, a Sovient Era Secret city which was believed to be abandoned. It had a population of 200,00 people in the 70’s but after when it was believed to be abandoned, Stalsk-12 was started using it for underground tests.

He further explained that during the Opera Siege, a detonation was noted in northern Siberia, where Stalsk-12 was. For Sator, he added he emerged from that blank of the city with ambition and dream of becoming a millionaire. 

For Task to be continued, The Protagonist wanted to met Sator and Mr. Crosby explained a way to meet him. Meeting Sator can be done by meeting his wife Katherine Barton- Oldest Niece of Sir. Frederick Barton.

He handed him a fake Goya that was made by Arepo. Arepo was close to Katherine and by this way, he can meet Sator with the help of Kat.

Meeting Kat and Plan to set her free from Sator

Through Goya, he met Kat and in a dinner with Kat, he explained, he might be his second chance at betrayal. But why did he want to set her free?? Kat tells him how Sator controls her life. Goya, the drawing is held over her. She explained he tortured her by police, prison and work. Also he controls her meeting with her son. For her life was impossible to live. 

Furthermore, she explained, in Vietnam, she tried to love him again so that she could get to meet his son. But Sator disagreed and before going there, she saw a woman diving out from the Yacht. This was the moment where he realised her life was all gone due to Sator. Sator knew about the Protagonist meeting her wife, he sent his mens to kill the Protagonist but was sure he would be out of it.

TENET movie

Mihir, Neil and the Protagonist

Before leaving the dinner, The Protagonist tells her to meet him and after that a fight happens that Sator knew will happen.

The next day when Kat met the Protagonist again, she explained the drawing is Oslo’s Freeport which is in the airport. Freeport- A storage facility for art that was acquired but not taxed. 

Sator started a network there. Rotas, a construction company, built it. Neil, on the other hand, takes a ride of the freeport and finds out the place where the drawing was hiding. He also made a plan of how to get time to take it out without getting seen by anyone. 

This was the One-fourth of the movie explained, for more, we’ll explain it within a few days. Share your thoughts on the article

Freeport and Turnstitle

In the last article, you understood the first 38 min of the movie which was important to understand Sator and his plan. Now, I’m going to make you understand what happened at the Freeport in Oslo’s Airport.

In Oslo Airport, when Both the protagonist and Neil arrived as a special guest in Freeport, Mihir and his partner started to evacuate Boeing 747, so that they could crash it that would cause distraction. This will give Neil and The Protagonist time to steal Goya and burn it that will make Kat free from Sator. 

In the TENET movie review, the Boeing 747 was carrying Gold but as the plane was going to crash, Mihir and his partner evacuated the plane along with throwing the gold out of the plane. Mihir after taking control of the plane, crashed it in a construction building. This caused distraction and everyone was near the plane except Neil and The Protagonist. 


Neil and The Protagonist during the Freeport

In TENET movie, they knew the freeport would release Halide gas which is a poison to inhale, so both of them went to the room where they needed to find Goya but without taking a breath. After getting into the room, they found someone was already in there. And what they discovered was many bullet holes in a glass which was inverted. 

Suddenly two men arrived at the same time running towards The Protagonist and Neil. These two men were inverted, and one of them started a fight with The Protagonist. On the other hand-

Neil after seeing the other guy, didn’t do anything, instead he ran to save The Protagonist or should I say the other inverted man.

The inverted man went outside the freeport by moving backwards, while to know what happened with The Protagonist at the freepost, The Protagonist went Mumbai to meet Priya. 

While meeting Priya, The Protagonist explained he was attacked by two antagonists, where one was regular and the other was inverted, like we saw in the movie during the Freeport scene. But Priya explained, they emerged at the same time means they were the same person and both were inverted. So, what we saw were not two antagonists but one and both were inverted.

They emerged from a vault named Turnstitle, built by Sator with the help of Posterity- Future people.

TENET movie review

What is Turnstile??- It’s a machine that is used for inverting. This technology hasn’t been invented yet but has been given it by the future to Sator. Tough The Protagonist was close to meet Sator but failed. And still he has one chance through Kat. Priya gives him advice to steal Plutonium-241 from the Ukranian Secret Service. Because during the Opera Siege at Kiev, Sator tried to lift the only loose Plutonium-241. Sator though got his team back but not the Plutonium. It was taken by the Ukranian Secret Service.

Meeting Sator and plan to steal Plutonium-241

In the TENET movie, through Kat, The protagonist finally met the Sator. But before that, The Protagonist found a reason to meet him. He told Kat to make him meet Sator as a former  first secretary from the American embassy in Riyadh where both Kat and the Protagonist met at a party last June.

On that night during the dinner, The Protagonist finally met Sator. After asking the Protagonist whether he slept with her wife Kat or not. Further he threatened to kill him. But when he asked Sator about the Opera-

He started having interest and he invited him in the morning on the ride to understand what the Protagonist knew about the Opera. 

Next morning, Kat had an argument with Sator and looked more spirited than ever. She looked spirited as she knew the drawing had been destroyed. But when she saw Goya again, she was shocked and angry at the same time at the Protagonist. Sartor explained, he had instincts that told him to  to remove it from the vault, and these instincts came from the future that means posterity.

On the ride, at 8AM, Sator asked the Protagonist- What you know about the Opera.

The Protagonist reply- A remote Russian missile station was overwhelmed and held for a week. When the station was retaken, 241 on one head was three quarters of a kilo lighter. The missing 241 surfaced at the Opera House siege in Kiev on the 14th.


Neil and The Protagonist planning Heist

Now from the above content, you must understand what  happened at the Opera Siege in the start of the film. After knowing all of these from him, the Protagonist offered him to do a partnership with him but Sator refused as he had no records. Frustrated, Kat tried to drown Sator under the water so as to get freedom but The Protagonist saved him.

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Red-headed Kat asked him why he saved Sator. The Protagonist explained, if he had to kill him, then the whole world would die along with her son. But why is his life more important?? To get the answer, read more below to find out.

Sator doesn’t like to be in dept. So, in order to fill that, he invited the Protagonist for a drink and there, Sator explained something about himself. He’s the one who dug plutonium from the Rubble of his city-  Stalsk-12. It was his first contract from the upper company. From there he started imagining an ambitious life, which he was living now.

Sator was waiting for some gold, and being curious for Kat, The Protagonist went to check Sator’s doing. After being caught from hiding, The Protagonist and Sator made a deal, if the Protagonist springs the material, he will pay him off by one of his gold. He paid him in advance and from there, the Protagonist and Neil started a plan to Heist the Plutonium-241.


Neil after Freeport

In TENET movie, the gold was important that The Protagonist got, but Neil didn’t find anything to understand how he collects the inverted objects. After spending time with Sator, The Protagonist explained, Sator buries his time capsule, transmits the location and digs it up to collect the inverted material that future sends it to him. For ambush, both planned to have Fast have fast cars that don’t look fast, Calvary and fire trucks that will make it possible to ambush.  


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