TENET movie review, is Christopher Nolan’s cinematic masterpiece that will be remembered till many decades from now. It’s an epic thrilling ride that will make you stay to the edge of your seat until the last scene of the movie. But if you want to understand this movie part wise then we’re here to make you understand the film in four parts. This is the third part and the rest has already been explained. But if you haven’t watched the film yet, then watch it now on prime video. And if you still have something not understood then read our all 4 articles on TENET that will solve all your mind-bending doubts. Before going further, first take a glimpse on one clip of TENET:

The Heist and Temporal Pincer Movement

After the heist started, Sator’s instinct told him to stay in the freeport. On the other hand the Protagonist with fire trucks was on its way to steal the Algorithm from Ukranian Secret Service. 

After the heist was successful, The Protagonist disclosed that the Algorithm they stole was fake. But still it was worse than that as it may help Sator to achieve what he wanted to achieve. 

The fear that The Protagonist had before about the ambush was going to happen. Sator and his team from the future in backwards were asking for the Plutonium-241 or he had to kill Kat for that. He gave him the case and left Kat alone in the fast moving backwards car. Though manages to save her, Sator’s team bought him in the red room and the inverted Sator and Kat appeared in the blue room.

The inverted Sator or the future Sator know there was something he’s hiding as the Plutonium-241 was missing from the case. Sator asked where he left the case, in the firetruck or the BMW, which in reply The Protagonist said BMW. When Sator decided to kill him, a team arrived which was led by Ives and tried to stop Sator but failed. 

Sator went to the blue room that is past and tried to confirm one more time from The Protagonist and went to check the BMW but didn’t find the Plutonium and started chasing the protagonist in the past to take the Algorithm.

Ives sending The Protagonist back in time

On the other hand, unaware of Ives and his team, Ives tries to understand what actually happened when Sator was interrogating him. Ives and his team are the members of team TENET who went in the past to save the world.

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He explained Sator and his are running a Temporal Pincer Movement. A time-bending tactical technique for a mission: you approach it moving forward in time, and then also approach both sides using it in reverse moving backwards from the future. Means both sides using knowledge that one of the other sides gained from having already experienced it. Except, both sides are experiencing it simultaneously. It’s really confusing but it works. 

The past and rechasing The Protagonist

Neil while being chased by inverted Sator

The team and both Neil and The Protagonist went past to stopping Sator. But The Protagonist went backwards to save Kat and rescue himself by giving the Plutonium-241 to Sator.   

In TENET movie review, Though he saved Kat but had to give the Algorithm to Sator. Sator tries to kill The Protagonist by switching his car on fire. But when you are inverted, the fire is too averted and soon the fire will become ice. This made the Protagonist safe and Ives and his team Saved him in the past.

When The Protagonist woke up, they were going to breach the Freeport again by running in backwards. Kat was healing but it was important for them to breach the Freeport. 


Michael Caine

Kenneth Branagh

Aaron Taylor-Johnson

Elizabeth Debicki

Robert Pattinson

John David Washington

Clémence Poésy

Dimple Kapadia.

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