Spider-Man 3 is moving full steam ahead, with Tom Holland filming the sequel in Atlanta now. Speculation has been flying that the currently-untitled follow-up to Spider man: Far from Home will feature a huge Avengers : Endgame style crossover, including Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire’s respective spideys, but nothing has been confirmed yet. Tom Holland has actually denied this particular rumour.

As filming continues, we’ll get a better idea of what the scuttlebutt is shaping to look like. Some set pictures have revealed the film will be set over the holiday period and Peter Parker and Zendaya’s M.J are together. 

Release of Spiderman 3

After a lot of rumours in the market about different super-heroes in this movie of spidey. The fans can’t wait any longer without watching this movie. This movie may also break all the previous records of spiderman movies. But we know that like all other movies, this movie is also disrupted by the pandemic, and that’s why it has jumped a bit. Originally it was scheduled for july 16, 2021 but later on it was delayed to November 5 and so on. Finally, it is coming on december 17, 2021.

Upcoming Trailer 

You might get some fake trailers for this movie on youtube and other social media platforms.But unfortunately , there’s currently no Spider-Man 3 trailer but we can have a guess as when the moving is coming.The first Far From Home trailer was revealed six months before the movie’s arrival.This thing is also similar in some other movies . 

Thus, in this way we can expect Spider-Man 3 trailer to arrive in June or July and it will coincide with the release of Marvel’s Shang-chi on July 9, 2021. 

Cast of Spiderman 3

According to some reports,Andrew Garfield is back and repeating his role from the Amazing Spider-Man movie . Some others like Kirsten Dunst will also return as Mary Jane , along with Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy from the previous movie .In addition to Tom Holland as Peter/Spidy, Jacob Batalon as Ned Leeds , James foxx as Electro , Benedict Cumberbatch as Dr. Stephen Strange , Alfred Molina as Doctor Octopus will be visible in this movie . 

You will be surprised by watching Tony Revolori as Parker’s classmate and Flash from the previous MCU films .

Title of the Movie 

Well ! there is no title confirmed officially till now. But the majority of leaks suggesting this could be Spider-Man 3 : Homesick. Most probably this name is kept by following the naming tradition so far. 

Now, we have to wait until the name of the movie is officially released, either it will be Spider-Man 3: Homesick or something surprising . 

Filming Locations

Initially, the filming began in October 2020 in New York City, before moving to Atlanta . During filming that month, Foxx and Molina were revealed to be appearing in the film, reprising characters from the past Spider-Man movies. Shooting will also occur in Los Angeles and Iceland, and will be concluded in March 2021.

How will the Spider-Man 3 movie be?

After receiving all the rumours and a few set pictures we can say that this will be better than the previous one. We will enjoy a lot of action and adventures in this movie and may satisfy the expectations of the fans.

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