Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse arrived back in December 2018, that gave everyone a chance to get into one of the most anticipated movies of the year. The movie is also complex, blending a massive mass of characters with different animation styles, multiple villains, and the plot lines. If you’re trying to figure it out, we’re gonna breakdown the movie by discussing the important scenes and plot of the before. Now before going any further, check out the official trailer of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse from below:

An Interdimensional Friendship

Did interdimensional friendship worked?

The moment Gwen Stacy got revealed in the film, she makes it clear that she’s not at all interested in making friends. But that changes time by time in the film, and by the end of the movie,she’s definitely interested in friendship with Miles Morales. 

These spider pals in the movie have figured out a way in touch across dimensions. The film doesn’t take time at the end to explain why this is actually happening. But it’s an obvious set-up for spider gang in the inevitable sequel. 

Spider-Man the Artist 

Why being a artist helpful for Miles?

Miles Morales learned throughout the film that he can’t just be a Spider-Man in some kind of automatic way. He has to take the leap of faith, has to be dedicated and become Spider-Man in a way that’s true to him.

We see this in a thrilling sequence where he creates his own Spider-Suit suit, and heads out into the world in his own unique threads. In the final moment of the film, we see that he’s continued his street art tradition both as Miles and Spider-Man.

Kingpin and the Neighbourhood

What happened to Kingpin at the end of the movie?

In the end, Miles carries on the long tradition of refusing to kill his nemesis, and turns Kingpin over to the authorities. We know two things about the Kingpin: He has considerable resources, and he’s absolutely relentless in his pursuit of getting what he wants.

You might see him taking revenge in the second part of the movie, so don’t get shocked after seeing Kingpin in the sequel. But if he’ll be in sequel, then he might work under someone else. 

Peter Parker

Was Perter Parker perfect like he’s in previous movies?

The movie is largely on the character development of Mile’s story, but he’s not the only Spider-Man to learn a lesson and get strong. While teaching Miles how to use his powers, Peter B. Parker also re-learns the lessons of great power and great responsibilities that he had to internalize all those years ago. 

When we first saw him, he’s Spider-Man who’s bored now, fatty, struggling his way through crime-fighting while his personal life is in shambles.

In meating Miles, he finds many opportunities to teach and learn about what it is to be a hero again. By the time he returns to his universe, he is a changed man, not just an Amazing Spider-Man, but also an amazing man who wants to reunite with MJ again.

Miles and his Dad

Why Mile’s parents have a big role in the movie?

Miles’s father Jefferson is a police officer who views Spider-Man as a danger to the community, until he sees the new Spider-man in action at the end of the film. This changed hisn thaughts for Spider-Man.

His vocal change of heart during the final battle helps Miles, his own son, to defeat Kingpin, and Miles return the favour by finally saying his dad he loves him

Meanwhile in 2099

Who was in the end-credit scene of the movie?

The film’s post credit scene revealed yet another Spider-Man, we see a costume figure where a name Miguel was written. He jump into the past and get in an argument with Spider- Man from 1967 animated series. 

The Miguel is Miguel O’Hara, a.k.a Spider-man 2099. In the comics and in the film, he has ability to go through dimensions, which means he could show up alongside any of Into the Spider-Verse’s Heroes at a moment’s notice

Check out the clip from given below:

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