Paw Patrol movie is an upcoming American comedy movie full of adventures. Cal Brunker is the director of this movie. This movie is based on the children’s tv series Paw Patrol which is created by Keith Chapman. The movie Paw Patrol follows the puppies who’re known to journey to the metropolis to keep it from Humdinger before he destroys the bustling metropolis. Jennifer Dodge is the producer of the movie. And Billy Frolic is the story writer of this movie. Besides this, Paramount Pictures is the distributor of the movie.

Paw Patrol movie

The premise of Paw Patrol

Whilst the PAW Patrol’s largest rival, Mayor Humdinger, will become Mayor of nearby adventure city and starts offevolved wreaking havoc, Ryder and all and sundry favored heroic puppies kick into excessive equipment to face the undertaking head-on. While one of the puppies must face him beyond in journey metropolis, the team reveals help from a new best friend, the savvy dachshund Liberty. Moreover, together, armed with exciting new gadgets and equipment, the PAW Patrol fights to store the residents of adventure city and stop Mayor Humdinger from destroying the bustling metropolis. 

Voice Casting

i) Kingsley Marshal

ii) Keegan Hedley

iii) Shayle Simons

iv) Lilly Bartlam

v) Ron Pardo

In addition to these, there are some more members are also part of voice casting

Release date of Paw Patrol movie

The movie is currently set to release in theatres on August 20. But due to ongoing covid-19 pandemic, it will be also streaming on Paramount Pictures+ on the same without charging any additional costs to the subscribers. 

The first trailer of Patrol Paw is released by Paramount Pictures and it is about to cross 10 million views within 48 hours of release. Check out the trailer below:

The casting of Paw Patrol

  • Keegan Hedley – Rubble who’s a bulldog serving as a construction pup.
  • Iain Armitage – Chase who’s a German Shepherd who serves as a police pup. 
  • Ron Pardo – Mayor Humdinger who’s the former mayor of Foggy Bottom, and the PAW Patrol’s biggest rival.
  • Randall Park – Butch who’s a security guard.
  • Marsai Martin – Liberty, a female Dachshund who lives in Adventure City and a new ally of the PAW Patrol.
  • Dax Shepard – Ruben who’s another security guard who works with Butch.
  • Tyler Perry – Gus, a truck driver.
  • Kingsley Marshall – Marshall who’s a Dalmatian who serves as a firefighting dog. 
  • Yara Shahidi – Kendra Wilson who’s a female scientist who created the pups’ new gear and gadgets.
  • Joshua Graham
  • Kim Kardashian West – Delores who’s a poodle that works in an animal shelter.
  • Lilly Bartlam – Skye who’s a cockapoo and serves as an aviator pup. 
  • Callum Shoniker – Rocky, who’s serving as a recycling pup. 
  • Shayle Simons – Zuma who’s a chocolate Labrador retriever and serves as an aquatic rescue pup
  • Jimmy Kimmel – Marty Muckraker who’s the news anchor of the Adventure City News Network.
  • Will Brisbin – Ryder who’s a 10-year old human who serves as the leader of the PAW Patrol team. 

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