Hey! This is Saumitra Dixit and I am the Founder & CEO of Alzato. Yes, It is quite hard to pronounce. Try calling me ‘Saumi’, isn’t is easy then my full name?

My parents used 100% of their common sense when they were deciding my nick name.

Saumitra Dixit and I am the Founder & CEO of Alzato.
Saumitra Dixit Founder and CEO of Alzato

“Why don’t we keep his nick name ‘Saumi’?” My mom and dad talking to each other.

Well! Let me tell you guys about myself.

I grew up in Sagar and now find myself in ‘Northern Punjab’ as an undergrad student at the Lovely Professional University. Fascination and excitement about computers and coding since my early childhood, made me pursue Bachelor of Technology in computer science branch.

The most important investment I ever made is on my brain, by reading books and completing certain courses online in ‘IT’ and ‘Management ‘ field. I’ve completed many courses on different programming languages like python, c and java (currently in progress), also completed a course on ‘Ethical hacking’ and looking forward to go with machine learning and artificial intelligence also.

Thanks to Book-reading, I’ve got amazing English writing skills and my vocabulary is super strong. To gain some experience and get expertise in this field, I opted ‘Content writing’ as freelancing niche. In my freelancing career I worked for many clients, who were 100% satisfied with my work.

Now, let us know how my schooling was.

In middle school, I used to be a part of the school’s choir group but due to deepening of voice, I had to leave it and shift to our school’s band. Then as a Jazz drum player, I represented my school in many functions.

Beside it, I actively participated and scored good positions in various co-curricular and extracurricular activities in my school, including, dance, art & craft, drawing and painting, indoor and outdoor sports, quizzes, spell bees, etc.

Also I was called the #ITguy of our school. 

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