After the end of the most eventful and emotional final episode of Outlander. We know that there’ll be a quick announcement regarding Outlander Season 6 release date. Till now we don’t have any official announcement regarding the release date of Outlander season 6. But we’ll keep on updating you about it as early as we can. 

Let’s know what information we got for Season 6 of Outlander and how much we know so far. 

Outlander Season 6 Release Date

As you know, season 6 of Outlander is happening. Moreover, the filming for Outlander season 6 is already completed. This is now under post production. Well! What can we expect from season 6 of Outlander?

This season is going to pull Diana’s Gabaldon’s “A Breath of Snow and Ashes”. The main focus of the season will be on Christies. Although there are few other plotlines thrown.

How many seasons of Outlander?

As of now, there’re total of seven seasons of Outlander are planned. Yes, you heard it right! Outlander season 7 was confirmed last year. According to reports, season 7 of Outlander is going to have 16 episodes. 

As you know all seasons upto 5 of Outlander are available on STARZ. Only 4 seasons are available on Netflix till now.

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Will there be a season 6 of Outlander?

Fortunately, Yes it is. Season 6 of Outlander is already filmed and now it is going through post-production processes. We may be able to watch Outlander season 6 in early 2022. 

Outlander Season 6 Release Date

As of now, we don’t have any information regarding the release date of the upcoming season of Outlander. But yes, we’ve some news related to the release. Recently STARZ has confirmed that it’ll arrive in early 2022. According to some news and tweets, we can predict that season 6 of Outlander is going to release in February 2022. Now, you might be thinking that the release date of Outlander season 6 leaked? Umm! Yeah, it’s not strange.

When filming of Outlander season 6 completed?

The filming of Outlander finished last month. STARZ made an announcement regarding the wrap of season 6 of Outlander. Check out below:

Stay tuned with us! We’ll keep on updating everything about Outlander season 6


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