Money Heist fifth season release date- is yet to be confirmed but we have something to share with you all. Hey there Money Heisters, Since the release date of Money Heist season fifth is yet to be known but we have some theories that have high chances to come true. If you are a Money Heister as I’m too a Money Heister, then after reading this, your excitement will be on a high level as it makes all sense at the end. But remember, It’s just theories who’s possibilities of coming true are more. So let’s discuss it briefly. 

Berlin might be alive

Money Heist season 5 release date

He wasn’t anyone’s favorite. He was portrayed as a bad guy of the gang, in the famous top-grossing Spanish TV show Money Heist aka La Casa de Papel. Yeah! His name was Berlin. Most of the viewers didn’t actually like him a lot. 

Sadly, Berlin is dead in the show though still we can see him on the screens in the flashbacks. But wait, is he actually dead? Or maybe not? Continue reading the article for theories and analysis on Berlin’s death and all the clues supporting Berlin is alive.

Berlin was his name on the heist (as the gang members weren’t supposed to disclose their real names). The actual name of Berlin was Andrés de Fonollosa but he was better known by the name Berlin only.

Money Heist fifth season release date- Berlin has short, dark brown hair with brown eyes. When not donning his red jumpsuit, Berlin dresses formally, often wearing suits and ties or waistcoats.

Berlin is believed to be arrogant, narcissistic, and deemed to be a psychopath by his fellow crew, but he is shown to be extravagantly elegant, professional and charming. He is calm, patient as well as eloquent and plays mind games with some of the hostages. It is said that he has a pathological need to make a good impression. The audience hated him due to his psychopathic activities but in the ending of part 2 the viewers were astonished after watching Berlin’s sacrifice.

Tatiana and Alicia are sisters 

During the whole season 4 of Money Heist aka La Casa de Papel, we fully enjoyed Berlin’s wedding to Tatiana. This was Berlin’s fifth wedding. Knowing about his condition, that he might live for short period of time, he wanted to live happily to the women he love i.e. Tatiana. 

But what we witnessed was that Berlin left Tatiana. After that we didn’t know what happened to her after he left her suddenly. 

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Reading the above might clear you that Alicia was angry at the Professor and wanted to meet him desperately. Alicia and Tatiana might be sisters and Alicia was angry all the time because she wanted revenge. But why Professor if it’s revenge?? Because after the death of Berlin in season 2, Alicia knew she can’t punish Berlin

As he’s already dead but can punish Professor in the name of Berlin as he was the master-mind of the Heist.

Alicia and Professor may work together

If you read the above theories, then you may know why Alicia was angry at Professor. At the end, when she finally faced Professor face to face, we heard her saying checkmate Professor. At this time, Alicia might have wanted to kill Berlin because her revenge was from Berlin and she might think Berlin was dead because Professor left him during the Heist and she can’t take her revenge.

Money Heist season 5 release date

But Professor can make her understand by saying Berlin chose to live there, so that the Heist can be successful. To prove this, he might contact Helsinki, after Nairobi, Helsi was the only one who knew he sacrificed himself for the Heist.

But all these prove that Alicia will join Professor gang for the ongoing Heist??

Definitely not, but I want to have a two minute silence for those who missed the last two minute post credit scene of season 4. During that scene, Alicia was singing the Bella Ciao song, the song that was sung by only the Gang of the Professor in the whole series. 

This might be the hint, Alicia joining the Gang of the Professor for the ongoing Heist. And the above theory is a way how she will join the Gang.

After all this, when Alicia realizes it was all Berlin’s fault not the Professor, Alicia will 100% join the gang and help him in the Heist against the new officer in command that will join the Spanish Police Force.

Sierra messed up with the government and police by accepting the government’s secrets in front of the media. With an arrest warrant on her name, she won’t join them again and definitely she won’t put the Professor behind the bars as he is the only one who could help her.

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