Lucifer Season 6 release date- It has been only a month and we’ve got our first teaser and release date of Lucifer Final season. It was unexpected as a series takes at least a year to release its next installment but looks like Lucifer Season 6 Netflix was filmed back to back after season 5 Part 2. To know more, read the full article.

Lucifer Season 6 release date

What is the release date of Lucifer’s final season??

Will it be this year??

On Twitter on Saturday, Netflix Geeked shared that “even bad things must come to an end” and noted that Lucifer Season 6 will arrive on Friday, September 10. 

The teaser offered fans a look back at various moments across the show’s seasons before culminating in Lucifer being pulled over by the police to which he tells the officer that it’s his last night in L.A.

Why is it Lucifer’s last night in Los Angeles?

Well, Season 5 of the series ended with a major status quo change for the Devil Himself.

While Chloe ended up in Heaven, her death was too much for Lucifer to bear so he gave up his own life to restore her. 

Lucifer Season 6 Netflix- Fortunately, his selfless act was enough to not only redeem him and his banishment from Heaven but made him worthy to take over the role of God himself.

What to expect from Lucifer Season 6?

While speaking to TVLine in the past, co-showrunner Joe Henderson confirmed that season 6 would be their “goodbye season.” 

Lucifer Season 6 release date on Netflix- He also mentioned how they didn’t know the story they had until they got to the season 5 finale. 

Lucifer still from season 6

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However, he also spoke about how once they realised they had the story and how they were excited about telling it. 

Lesley-Ann Brandt, who plays Maze, told the outlet that the final season would have a “giant journey” for Maze and Eve and another character that will threaten to destroy their newly established relationship. 

DB Woodside, who plays the Angel Amenadiel, told the outlet how he directed an episode in the final season and that it was a “bottle episode” which “takes place over one long night.” 

He also mentioned that there would be, “a big event that happens in Season 6… that’s going to make the fans extremely happy.” 

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