Lucifer season 6 trailer for final season is online and Lucifer season 6 release date is set for September 10th, 2021. This time the hell is in the hand of an unknown person who wants Lucifer to get destroyed, whereas the trailer showed us Lucifer having trouble being GOD. Watch Lucifer season 6 trailer from below:

What to expect from Lucifer season 6 ?

Lucifer season 6 trailer- After becoming the GOD, things have changed for Lucifer as he now has to control all things happening on earth.  

This time around, former detective Chloe Decker is on the other end of an interrogation-

being questioned about a crime she and Lucifer played witness to. Her answers are considerably less snarky but, in Lucifer’s defense, he’s only sharing his truth. 

Who is controlling Hell?

Lucifer season 6 trailer

After becoming GOD, Lucifer is not having control on the ongoing events of hell. But in the Lucifer season 6 trailer, we saw that some other one is controlling hell.

The one who is controlling hell wants the demise of Lucifer Morningstar. But why and who she is is still to be answered, for which we have to wait till its release date.

Lucifer being GOD

He’s more hesitant than ever because, as Chloe says-

“becoming God is a big job.” Unfortunately, while he waffles on the decision-making and even returns to Dr. Linda’s therapy couch, other angels are making big moves. The rebellious Rory arrives, intent on destroying Lucifer and possibly disrupting reality in the process.

Lucifer season 6 trailer
GOD Lucifer

The laws of nature are breaking down and as everyone’s favorite forensic scientist Ella, explained, “the apocalypse is nigh.” 

And when reality starts to dissolve, things tend to get weird —

including a few glitching people and from the looks of it, an animated episode.

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The writers felt that being offered a sixth season by Netflix gave them the perfect opportunity to conclude all the various characters’ storylines properly.

They are going to tell the same story that they had been planning all along-

but feel that the addition of a further season helps them complete that in the most organic manner possible.

Animated Lucifer and Chloe

This time the season will go on to many extent as this time we saw an animated version of Lucifer and Chloe in Lucifer season 6 trailer. 

This was a bit of a surprise but we know the series has one of the best story lines amongst the others. 

Lucifer season 6 trailer
Animated Chloe and Lucifer

When both Lucifer and Chloe were in hell, they were trying to visit somewhere in hell. But after entering the door, we saw their animated version in quite a funny way.   

How is Dan still alive?

One of the biggest surprises and questions rose when we saw Dan in the trailer. Dan was supposed to be dead and being tortured in Hell. But after seeing him, we might guess it’s Dan in the present but being removed from the hell or it may be the past. 

In Lucifer season five, we learned the worrying news that Dan had been sent to hell following his death-

a fate that seemed highly unjust given the kindness he was known for showing people on Earth.

Showrunners on the character Dan-

“If Dan Espinosa doesn’t go to heaven, after all he’s gone through and all the wonderful stuff in his heart, then maybe there’s something even bigger broken,” said Joe Henderson.

Ildy Modrovich added:

“We found a story for him that we just love, and it’s one of those examples of sometimes you paint yourself into a corner and you find something that’s so much more fun and satisfying because of it.

“In trying to find your way out of it, you find something you never would have done or never would have thought of before.

Lucifer season 6 release date :

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