Loki release date: A new announcement teaser of Loki dropped just now and this time, The wednesdays are the new fridays. Till now, WandaVision and The Falcon and The Winter Soldier were releasing its episodes every friday. But now, from Loki, each episode of every MCU upcoming series will be released each wednesday. Moreover, this confirms the release date of Loki is now being shifted from June 11 to back June 9.

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Moreover, Loki trailer confirms it is going to be the next spin-off series after the show, WandaVision and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. The series will be based on Loki, the God of Mischief and brother of Thor. Also, today, we got a new official trailer of Loki, and it seems like we’ll get new faces and elements in each episode to blow up our mind. In addition, the show is going to hit Disney + on June 9th. Also, on the same day, it will hit Disney + Hotstar in India.

TVA( Time Variance Authority )

Moreover the other two series, this series will introduce TVA, Time Variance Authority. It’s the organization, who’s responsible for seeing the multiverse and studying them who travel in the Multiverse, like we’ll see it in Loki series.

In the trailer, we saw Morbius telling Loki, when he picked up the tesseract, he broke reality and TVA wants his assistance in fixing him. But the main question arises here, Why him?

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Loki release date
New release date of Loki

Loki release date: Well, what they want is Loki’s unique perspective and despite stabbing people’s back for around 50 times, he said he can be trusted for this work.

Well, it’s clear that the story will begin from Avengers Endgame where Loki teleported with the help of tesseract but where? That we’ll see in the series. But, after looking at both trailers-

It’s confirmed Loki will be stuck in TVA, helping Morbius in fixing the disturbance of reality. But,

will he betray like he always does or will follow orders and help TVA and Morbius to fix the reality for his freedom??

All the answers lie in the show and it seems like the show may show us quite differently behaved Loki rather than the one we saw all this time in the movies. Who’s perspective will be different and will be used by TVA and Morbius.

Moreover, the new trailer also showed us a better look at the cast and understandable story, but when it comes to multiverse, then don’t get too attached. 


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