Locke & key Season 2 expected release date. I already knew why you are here.

Though I knew that season 2 of famous American supernatural horror drama series Locke & Key will definitely air but thanks to Netflix for confirming it! I mean I enjoyed watching the show and I totally fell in love with it. Wait! Are you too waiting for season 2 of the Locke & key?   So do I. Read this article for everything that you need to know about the release date of season 2.

Locke and key season 2
expected release date

Locke & key, the web series is based on the fantasy novel Locke & key by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez. It took 12 years to hit our screens and It would be so rude if Netflix would have canceled it after season 1. But guess what? Netflix isn’t rude.

Well this was the official announcement!

Unfortunately! The Entertainment industry had a bad time during the pandemic similarly Locke & key also became the target of the pandemic. Yeah, in other words Locke & key season 2 will be delayed.

Though Netflix has confirmed that season 2 is happening but the release date is yet to be confirmed. We’d presumed that we may be able to get season 2 of the series in early 2021 but here comes the pandemic.

Now we can expect the season 2 of the Locke & Key somewhere in mid 2021 or any time between April to June, if everything goes as planned.

Yeah guys never believe that things may go as planned. As filming Sex Education season 3 was post-ponded because of new strain of this disgusting virus (a new strain was found in UK, so all filmings and shootings were again paused).

So, finally we’d say that you should be able to stream season 2 of Locke & key in mid 2021. 

Now that you guys know the Locke & key season 2’s expected release date, here’s time for some extras.

You guys noticed something? I noticed it.

The Tweet says “More keys, more demons and more aloha”. Yes, I knew that there’s gonna be more demons and obviously more keys because in the novels there’s a lot of them.

So! More demons and more keys, isn’t it gonna be amazing. Absolutely amazing!

At last I have some big news for our beloved readers. Season 2 of the Locke & key will not be the last. Yes, you read it correctly, we can expect at least 5 or more seasons of the web series. The word of the magical keys is very big and we just knew about 5% of it. So hold up tight! You’ll never get bored with the world of Locke & key. 

Least Known Facts

The series was set to be lauched with the name “The key house”, but now you know with which name it aired on netflix

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