“La La Land” is an unforgettable love story, but not the one you might expect. It’s the love story of how two characters adapt the situation around them and try to make it through all odds that will bring them together happily along with their dreams fulfilled. You’ll find songs in La La Land that have a deep meaning and will make you feel cherished and dance with the one you love. But the end of La La Land, is something that will make you see how to deal with life and make it happy even if the path to your success is filled with sadness and something that you never wanted. Before going any further , check out the trailer of La La Land from below:

When Mia met Sebastian

How did they met?

At the start of the movie, when the song “Another Day of Sun” finished, we saw Mia and Seb looked each other for a second but that was just a glance where both were frustrated, Sebastian was frustrated as it was green light and Mia wasn’t moving any further that makes him angry and Mia was frustrated as she was tensed about her audition and the the traffic was making her late for the audition. 

But after a party, when Mia was heading to home, she heard a song named “City of Stars” that made her go to the restaurant where Seb was playing it.

After Seb got fired, they looked to each other and they started having a spark inside them. But Seb ignored as he got tensed after getting fired.

A Lovely Night

The night when they were together for first time

One day, accidently they both met again in a party, where they both recalled them from the restaurant.

Mia saw Seb playing a rock song which he hates the most. So they got into an argument but at night, when Mia was heading towards her car with Sebastian, they sang a song called “A Lovely Night”. 

The song with each of its words they sung, made them understand each other emotionally and almost made a moment between them until Mia’s phone started ringing.

The Happy Moment

The day when they got into relationship

From that day forth, they were getting desperate to meet again. Seb asked her out which she accepted but then eventually Mia got a date with her boyfriend which too she can’t refuse to do.

When Mia in a restaurant observed she was getting ignored by her boyfriend and his family, Jazz music started playing in the restaurant and she realized she’s with the wrong guy and runned to Seb in a movie theatre where Seb was waiting.

They kissed, had many moments, respected their feelings and got into a relationship.

They sing, they dance, and start doing all those stuffs which a true couple should do.

City of Stars

Who’s Keith?

Before Mia and Seb got in a relationship, Keith the old friend of Seb whom Seb hates the most, offered him a job as his music partner which Sebastian was forced to say yes as he was having money trouble and when he accepted that offer, he didn’t realized this will make him away from Jazz and Mia, the two things he loved the most.

Keith clob was about rock songs, which Seb hates the most. He started spending less time with Mia as he got busy with Keith but in a concert, Mia saw no one in the crowd was paying attention to Seb and Sen was playing piano from the corner where on one was paying attention.

Mia was all alone as she was not getting any role in a film and Seb was never in town due to the concert.

Whereas Sebeastian one day got to spend time with Mia which makes her feel cherished and excited.

They sang the most beautiful song of the film called “City of Stars”.

But on a dinner date at home, they got into a fight as Seb was acting like he didn’t care about Mia anymore.

Mia left when they started having the moment and went to her parent’s home.

The twist 

Like every love story has a turning point, this love story turned when Mia got a call for an audition. Mia did a solo act which no one appreciated but she impressed a casting director who was in the room where she performed her act.

Seb convinced her for the audition as she lost every hope for her dream. Next evening Seb made her through the audition room where she sang a song which describes the struggle and her love in her life.

After the audition, they decided to fulfill their dreams and to sacrifice their love in order to get what they wanted in life.

Sebastian wanted to have his own Jazz Club and Mia wanted to be an Actress in.

Five years later, we got into the conclusion that Mia got married to someone and became famous as an actress which she always wanted to become. And Seb had his own Jazz Club named “Seb’s”.

Here’s clip from the movie

The Epilogue

What actually happend at the end?

When at the Seb’s, they both looked at each other, Seb started playing the song “City of Stars”.

During that moment we see an epilogue where we saw if Seb wouldn’t ignored her at the restaurant, if Seb wouldn’t accepted Keith offer and if many people would have seen Mia’s solo act and appreciated her, the we could have a ending where both Mia and Sebastian were together and enjoying their success of their dream. But they looked happy by smiling at each other.

In actuality, they weren’t together anymore and this was a message from the writer and the director “Demien Chazelle” that in life, sometimes odd can be difficult in life and if we have to sacrifice some loved ones then we have to deal with that.


Damien Chazelle


Damien Chazelle


Emma Stone, Ryan Gosling, J. K. Simmons, Rosemarie DeWitt, Finn Wittrock, Sonoya Mizuno, Hemky Madera, Josh Pence, John Legend, Meagen Fay, Jason Fuchs, Ashley Caple

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