Knives Out 2019 is a American mystery film written and directed by Rian Johnson, and produced by Johnson and Ram Bergman. KNIVES OUT  leads viewers on a thrilling and wickedly fun ride as the entire ensemble offers breathtaking performances in this whodunnit mystery. Follow this article for review of Knives out and everything you need to know about the movie. This article may spoil the movie, so read on your own risk!

Just kidding! But this article really contains spoilers.

Rian Johnson’s deliciously twisted whodunnit is a Cinematic Masterpiece which will force you to hold your seat till the end of the movie and make you read every line of the movie to understand the epicness of the movie. Before going any further-

if you haven’t seen the movie then check out the official trailer of KNIVES OUT from below!

What’s the main thing to focus in the movie

Even if you paid close attention all throughout the hilarious capers, you may be left with some questions. We’re here to lay out everything you need to know about what the movie is all about and what happened to Harlan Thrombey at the end.

To understand the movie and the ending of it-

which is the most important and twisted part of the movie, you need to first understand how each character is connected to each other.

At the top of the family tree is Harlan’s mother, Greatana Wanetta-

who doesn’t say much, but sees a lot and that’s the reason you’ll find no one takes her seriously in the film.

Walt apparently runs Harlan’s publishing house, while Linda is a self-made businesswoman who built her business from groundup.

Linda is married to Richard, and they have an adult son, Hugh, although the family called him by his middle name “Ransom”.

Beyond them, there’s Joni, an instagram influencer whose husband, Harlan’s son died 15 years earlier. She’s been living off of Harlan’s generosity ever since.

Walt is married to Donna, and they have a teenage son, Jacob who’s always active on social media.

And Joni has a college-aged daughter, Meg.

Other than this, we have Harlan’s housekeeper, Fran, and his personal nurse, Marta Cabera, who also became Harlan’s best friend and confidant. She is the most important character throughout the movie.

What actually happened that leads to Harlan’s death

Knives Out 2019
Knives Out 2019

Knives Out 2019- At the start of the movie, When Fran was searching Harlan to give his morning breakfast and coffee, she discovers him dead on the couch in  his study room, covered with blood from a knife wound to his neck, apparently self-inflicted.

His family had all come into town for his 85th birthday party the night before he died-

and they wind up sticking around for the funeral, will reading and police investigation.

The Ending explained

Knives Out 2019- Now the most interesting and deliciously twisted came at the ending and you may have a common question how Blanc, The Private Investigator solved the case which was too close to be announced as sucide.

Now if you observe, Lieutenant Elliot, the investigator assigned to the case, believes Harlan clearly killed himself because all the proof was leading towards sucide, still he covers bases by questioning everyone in the family.

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Conversely renowned private investigator BENOIT BLANC suspects foul play right from the get-go.

It’s actually no one killed Harlan Thrombey but the actual circumstances surrounding his death were more complicated than that.

Here to know one thing, by the time Harlan killed himself, Marta was with him and he killed himself in front of her. What actually happened that night was Marta and Harlan were going to Harlan’s study room where they played a board game-go which Marta always won.

Occasionally Marta would follow up his daily meds with three milligrams of morphine. But-

she realised that she gave him 100 milligram of letal stuff that gave Harlan 10 min to live, after that he would be dead. Marta searched for the antagonist that would counteract the overdose but it was missing.

During the will reading, the family got to know that the whole property of Harlan, was gone to Marta’s hand.

Harlan gave that to her as he realised after financially supporting his family for years,

Harlan had come to the conclusion that the family financial dependence on him wasn’t doing any of them any favours.

Hoping to motivate them all to go and make something of themselves,

Harlan decided to cut off their access to his fortune, instead naming Marta as his sole beneficiary.

The Slayer Rule

When Harlan turns up dead, multiple characters begin referring to something called-

“Slayer rule” as a way to circumvent Harlan’s wishes and allow his family to inherit his estate.

Despite its dramatic name, the Slayer Rule is actually a real thing, stating that a killer cannot inherit the property.

The Twist:

Knives Out 2019
Knives Out 2019

By the end of the movie it was very clear that Harlan killed himself but who murdered Fran ???and why??

The answer is Ransom. Fran saw him switching the name tag of the medicine so that Harlan can get 100 milligram of lethal overdose. Though Marta saw and realized she gave  Harlan the wrong overdose but she is so addicted to her intelligence towards medicines that she actually gave him the right stuff. 

When Fran started blackmailing Ransome-

because she firstly hated him and was suspicious of him, she invited him to one place to confront her, but here Ransome killed Fran and make a message to Marta on the same place,-

so that the murder of Fran will be on her hand and the inheritance will belongs to him.

But when Blanc got the slip of Harlan’s medical where Fran wrote-

“I know what you did”, he got understand everything why Harlan did sucide and how Ransom killed Fran,

not only Ransome go to jail but that leaves the whole Harlan’s property to Marta.

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