Kingsman 3 release date is set for this december and will be a huge hit as they’ve made many fans around the globe. 20th Century Studios has released a new special look trailer for The King’s Man ahead of its premiere in theaters in December. Also, we will see many fight scenes similar to the first kingsman church scene. 

How The King’s Man is set during World War??

The King’s Man trailer- The special look showed kingsman was started and how is it going. A perfect explanation was shown from the dialogues of Harry Hart’s character that link to this movie.

Moreover, Kingsman 3 cast- It stars Ralph Fiennes as the Duke of Oxford, the leader of the Kingsman Agency, with the group working together to take on some of history’s most notorious criminals. 

The new sneak peek video for the movie brings along a look at the prequel along with the cast and crew speaking about what fans can expect. You can watch the video below. 

What is the cast of the movie??

Kingsman 3 cast- Along with Fiennes as the, The King’s Man stars

Gemma Arterton

Rhys Ifans

Matthew Goode

Tom Hollander

Harris Dickinson

Daniel Bruhl

Djimon Hounsou

Charles Dances

Aaron Taylor-Johnson

Stanley Tucci.

Kingsman 3 cast- The movie doesn’t feature fan favorites from the previous Kingsman movies like Colin Firth as Harry Hart and Taron Egerton as Eggsy, but that doesn’t mean we’ll never see them again. 

Kingsman 3 release date
Duke Oxford

Vaughn has previously announced his plans to continue their story in a Kingsman 3 movie as well, so fans will eventually get a proper conclusion to the trilogy. 

Moreover, In 2019, the director said that the idea was for Kingsman 3 to be the final chapter of the Hart/Eggsy story.

Director’s view on the Eggy and Harry’s duo….

“We’ve got to finish off the Eggsy and Harry relationship,” Vaughn told Digital Spy. “The final chapter of their relationship needs to be told, which we’ve got ready to do, and I’m hoping to shoot that later this year or the beginning of next year.”

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Speaking with Yahoo Movies, Egerton also addressed his absence in The King’s Man by saying:

“I don’t know how hot off the press this is, and I think I’m allowed to say it, but I’m not in the next Kingsman movie. Also, That doesn’t mean I won’t be in Kingsman ever again. I was with Matthew as little as a few days ago-

we’re still very much in business together, but his next journey in that world doesn’t involve me.”

What does the cast have to say on The King’s Man??

It’s a foundation to the Kingsman which will be shown by Matthew’s unique storytelling and actions which is quite powerful. 

Kingsman 3 release date

The King’s Man trailer- The movie has a world war at the centre of this film. But though it’s set during the first world war, it has its own recognised elements that we’ve seen in the first two. 

Also it has a tailor shop. Moreover, And complicated fight sequences. There gadgetry and humor, actions and fantastical villains.

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