Jupiter’s Legacy is an upcoming superhero series created by Steven S. DeKnight which is based on the comic book series by Mark Millar and Frank Quitely. Jupiter’s Legacy will premiere on Netflix on 7 May 2021.

It is an authentic idea from Millar, however; it seems to play on a few classic superhero imageries. (be aware of Josh Duhamel’s The Utopian pulling a tractor with the aid of hand in what ought to simplest as a classic Superman pass). The principle thrust, though, is the tension between an older generation’s pulpier idea of superheroic and a younger technology who might be more interested in the repute that comes with it.

The official trailer of Jupiter’s Legacy is out now and audiences are curious enough to stream the series. Check out the trailer here:

Release of Jupiter’s Legacy

Netflix simply confirmed the first culmination of its cope with Wanted, Kick-Ass, and Kingsman: the secret carrier co-writer Mark Millar. On July 17, 2018, it was announced that Netflix had given the production a series order for an eight-episode first season.

On September 16, 2019, they confirmed DeKnight departed the series as showrunner over creative differences in the midst of the production for the first season. After that in November 2019, they announced that Sang Kyu Kim was taking over as showrunner. Through following DeKnight’s exit from the series.

Now, the first season of Jupiter’s Legacy will premiere on Netflix on 7 May,2021.

Casting of Jupiter’s Legacy

  • Josh Duhamel as Sheldon Sampson / The Utopian, who is Grace’s husband. He is Walter’s younger brother and the leader of the superhero team known as “The Union”.
  • Ben Daniels as Walter Sampson / Brainwave, who is Sheldon’s older brother.
  • Leslie Bibb as Grace Sampson / Lady Liberty. who’s Sheldon’s wife and one of the most powerful heroes on the planet.
  • Elena Kampouris as Chloe Sampson, who is Grace and Sheldon’s daughter.
  • Andrew Horton as Brandon Sampson / Paragon, who is Grace and Sheldon’s son.
  • Mike Wade as Fitz Small / The Flare, one of the most valued members of The Union.
  • Matt Lanter as George Hutchene / Skyfox, who is Sheldon’s closest ally.

Besides these Darlene Cooke and Tenika Devis, some other characters are also part of this series.

Filming of Jupiter’s Legacy

Jupiter's Legacy Netflix

The principal photography for the first season began in May 2019. The filming for the first season began in July 2019 in Toronto, Ontario, and Canada. And they completed the shooting for the series on 24 January 2020. After that, some additional re-shoots completed in January 2021.

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