Directed by CHRISTOPHER NOLAN, “INTERSTELLAR” is a fantastic tale of time, space and love. Life on Earth isn’t great in the movie. Massive dust storms are tearing up the planet, crops are failing, and soon, humanity will cease to exist. But in the movie Interstellar, if you got a little bit confused in the ending, we will breakdown every important scenes of Interstellar. So i’m gonna do a spoiler review on the movie to understand the mind-bending ending of the movie. Before moving any further, if you haven’t seen Interstellar then check out the trailer from below:

As we learned at the beginning of the movie, a group of 12 scientists travelled through a wormhole that appeared near Saturn, to see if 12 planets could sustain life. A few years later, the Endurance and its crew including Cooper and Brand are going to travel to the three most promising planets in the hopes of colonizing one where living will continue.  

Dr. Mann

What happend to him in the movie?

When they arrive on Dr. Mann’s planet, the scientist assures them his icy cold spot is the perfect place for humans to live. Unfortunately, it’s soon all revealed to be a trick. Although each of the 12 scientists knew their trip was one-way, Mann admits he never fully considered that this planet will be fully inhabitable, and he might die alone.

Although he withstand the desire for years, he eventually falsified his survey data to coax another team to travel his planet, intending to use the Endurance to escape.

At this point, Dr. Mann is so desperate to escape that he’ll do anything even if he had to kill anyone. In the movie Interstellar, Mann knew that the Endurance crew won’t go along with his plan once they would know what he’s done, Mann attempts to kill Copper so that he can make his way from the planet.

Tom’s Field

What happened to Tom’s field in the movie?

Back on Earth, Cooper’s grown-up children find themselves at odds. His daughter, Murph, has realised that Earth has become uninhabitable. So naturally, she’s trying to understand his brother, Tom, to bring his family to a secret NASA facility where she’s been working on a gravitational equation that would allow humanity to escape into space for living.

But despite Murph’s warning, Tom refuses to abandon the farmhouse where they grew up. In the movie Interstellar, after Cooper left them in grandfather’s care when they were children, Tom lost all his faith in NASA abilities to help them.

Convincing his brother was a terrible mistake, Murph sets fire to Tom’s fields, knowing that since Tom relies on crops for their survival, he’ll be forced to come out and try to extinguish the blaze. This buys Murph enough time to evacuate the house with Tom’s wife and daughter in hopes that when they’re gone to the NASA facilities, he’ll have no choice but to join them in NASA.

How to get to Edmunds Planet

Did they really make it to Edmunds Planet??

Without enough fuel to return to Earth or travel to the third potentially habitable planet, Cooper proposes to use the gravity of black hole Gargantua to execute a slingshot maneuver, which would send the Endurance off with enough inertia to reach Dr.

Edmunds was sent to assess. However, everytime the Endurance crew approaches the black hole, its gravitational field distorts their perception of time due to relativity, meaning what they experience is only minutes passes years for anyone outside the gragantua’s gravity.

By executing Cooper’s slingshot maneuver, he and Brand will experience “time slippage” of 51 years.

They both realize that Cooper has to give up hope of ever seeing his children back on Earth, as they will likely have died of old age by the time the Endurance exits the gargantua’s gravity. Still Cooper knows, his plan is humanity’s last chance for survival.

Cooper’s Survival and TARS

Did he died in the movie?

After falling into the black hole, Cooper continues to record what he’s seeing and transmits it back to TARS, hoping the additional data might help the scientists back on Earth.

Although he expects to eventually get crushed by Gargantua’s gravity, Cooper is miraculously spared once his shuttle is ripped apart. And that’s when things get crazier.

After surviving the wild ride, Cooper gets transported into an infinite, interdimensional library that allows him to look back into different moments of his daughter’s childhood bedroom, including the day he left for his mission on the Endurance.

TARS determine that they made it through Gargantua’s gravity because they were protected by “them”,  the mysterious being who constructed the wormhole into one place. Since the beginning of the film, who “they”  are has been a mystery.

While NASA realized the wormhole was artificially constructed by some sort of advanced, intelligent being, they didn’t have any information about “them” beyond the assumption that they must be friendly.

TARS deduces that they must have built this library to help Cooper understand their five-dimensional reality. 

Murph in the Black Hole

Was she really in the Black Hole?

Although the library where “they” bring Cooper seems to go on forever, every part of the room serves as a window of the exact same place: his daughter Murph’s childhood bedroom.

At first, Cooper seems to think he’s been brought to her because of his own desire to see her again, but TARS helps him understand “they” have constructed this three-dimentional reality for Cooper, allowing him to access all five-dimentional in a way he can understand.

Together, TARS and Cooper figure out through the library, Cooper is able to physically influence different points in space-time by using gravity to move things, as time and gravity are the fourth and fifth dimensional that exist in “their” reality.

Cooper deduces that he’s been brought here to send a message back through time, using gravity, and that Murph has to be the one to receive it. 

Cooper realizes that while he thought “they” were fixated on him, he’s not actually the one who’s most important to saving humanity- Murph is.

The library exists to ensure that Cooper will be able to deliver his daughter the information she needs, right when she needs it.

Who are “They”

Were “they” existed or were just a assusmption?

After Cooper finds himself stuck in the library, he realizes he’s supposed to pass along the quantum data that TARS collected from inside Gargantua.

The information that the robot collected from inside the Black Hole will help Murph save mankind, and Copper is the interdimensional messenger, selected by the same mysterious forces that constructed the library and created the wormhole near the planet Saturn.

And once Copper understands his purpose, he realizes that the creatures who’ve been assisting humanity aren’t extraterrestrial at all.

As it turns out, at some point in the future, humanity will advance to a palace where we can navigate through all five dimensions.

It’s these future humans who used gravity to create a wormhole that allowed NASA to send scientists to explore the 12 planets in the first place. These future humans are also the one who protected Cooper from the effects of Gargantua.

Cooper’s Final Destination

Where he was heading in the end ?

As it’s only been hours for Cooper, by the time he makes it to the space habitat known as Cooper Station, his daughter Murph, is an old woman who’s in her last breath.

Cooper takes his daughter’s advice of finding Brand and to live with her. He steals a ship, intending to head back through the wormhole and join Brand on Edmunds Planet.

On the other side, Brand on Edmunds Planet will soon enter hyper-sleep, keeping her the same age until he reaches her. 

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Christopher Nolan


Jonathan Nolan, Christopher Nolan


Anne Hathaway, Michael Caine, Jessica Chastain, Matthew McConaughey, Bill Irwin, Ellen Burstyn

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