Godzilla vs Kong (2021) is the sequel to Michael Dougherty’s Godzilla : King of monsters and will be the fourth installment in the Monsterverse movie quadrilogy. We’ll be witnessing an epic fight between the gigantic Titans Godzilla & Kong.

This March something is going to be very destructive !

The upcoming blockbuster movie Godzilla vs Kong is going to release on March 26, 2021 . Audience’s gonna enjoy the fight, action and VFX . There will be a lot of destruction in the movie while fighting with Godzilla . Now , everywhere the question rises is that

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Trailer Of Godzilla vs Kong

The trailer of this destructive movie Godzilla vs Kong  was released on 24  January , 2021 .It was the most thrilling trailer ever . In the trailer , there is a lot of action and it is said that there will be an epic fight between Godzilla and Kong . You may have seen that there is a lot of destruction of buildings , jetplains , ships , while fighting with the Giant Godzilla.

Are you too thinking about the same question ?

Who will win ? Kong or Godzilla : the king of monsters!

In the Trailer of the movie we can find a little but destructive fight between Godzilla and Kong ,

where King Kong is having the support of the whole city having Fighter jets , ships, forces and different forces having different weapons but Godzilla seems enough to them all .

Godzilla vs Kong : The conclusion!

Whenever there is a fight between two , there is one winner ! This time the fight will be in between one of the most powerful monsters of the Monsterverse Godzilla vs Kong . Therefore I am going to answer this question and will try to end this immortal controversy over these two giant monsters . 

There is fighting support of fans over both of these monsters. But we are not going to just make a winner randomly . We will do a proper comparison over both here and then you guys may automatically get up with your answers .


Godzilla is a big monster having bulletproof skin , and can breathe literal atomic energy from nukes launched at him . He seems also fadeless. 

Now let us keep our eye on a short glimpse of Godzilla ‘s previous fights . Godzilla has nearly died in almost every fight he has been in . He always changes the game on the last moment .

  • Godzilla (2014) :- Godzilla only won the final battle , thanks to diversion by humans .
  • Godzilla: Aftershock :- In this also Godzilla wins the final battle .
  • Godzilla:King of Monsters :- It was also one of the most epic fight between two monsters.This time Godzilla almost dies because of oxygen Destroyer , Serizaswa has to sacrifice himself to give Godzilla energy , and also Martha has to sacrifice herself to give Godzilla more energy , but at the end Godzilla was successful in killing Ghidorah and become the King of monsters.
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King Kong

King Kong is also a very big monster having a thick body with immense physical strength .He can easily heal his body and he is able to use human resources as armours.

We should also keep our eye on King kong’s previous fights in other movies . 

  • Kong: Skull Island – Kong wins battle against giant octopus
  • Kong: Skull Island – Kong kills all tiny Skull Crawlers
  • Kong: Skull Island – Kong nearly dies to big Skullcrawler .

But as Kong has spent his all life on the skull’s Island we can say that he has better habits of fighting with new and different monsters . Although , the statistics are not a fully perfect thing to mention one’s defeat and victory . Therefore , we should also discuss the strengths and weaknesses of Godzilla and Kong .

Godzilla’s strengths

  • Tough Skin
  • Atomic breath
  • Support of monarch
  • Spikey dorsal fins
  • Can go anywhere around the planet , nowhere is off-limit .
  • Remarkable physical strength 
  • Can emit radiations which are similar to nuclear fission , but the exact nature is still unclear. 
  • King of monsters .

Kong’s Strengths

  • uncanny physical strength
  • Can climb anything 
  • Much durable and flexible body than Godzilla and can run faster
  • Most humans of all titans
  • Intelligence power
  • Atomic breathe resistance 
  • Immune to radioactive elements 
  • Capable of melee combatant

We mentioned some of their strengths and they almost both have immense powers ,now we can give a quick look at their weaknesses.

Weakness of Godzilla

  1. Slow speed
  2. Atomic breathe has long cool down
  3. 2 brains (1 in back) were always considered as his weakness .

 Weakness of Kong

  •  Normal monkey’s skin
  •  May probably have a fatal injury if touched by atomic breath .
  • He cannot swim .
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Now we have discussed almost all the weaknesses and strengths of both Godzilla and Kong . We know that Godzilla defeated a lot of monsters and on the other side, Kong was living on Skull’s Island and there he defeated a number of monsters .

The fighting skills of Kong are always going to be better than the Godzilla . On the other side , Godzilla has supernatural power having a lethal atomic breath . If Kong can find any way to avoid it , then he can defeat Godzilla .

Personal Opinion

Although, it seems that in this movie Kong has an upper hand over Godzilla and Kong will defeat him in the end .

In Spite of victory and defeat it is confirmed that there we are going to enjoy an epic battle between the two two giant monsters. All the fans will enjoy the action of this movie .

This all was opinion regarding this movie.

What do you think, who’s gonna win? Godzilla or Kong?

Don’t forget to mention your views in the comment section!

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