Universal Pictures has released a Big Game spot for F9: The Fast Saga. Check out the The Fast and Furious 9 Big Game spot in the player below!

Fast 9 sees the return of the famous director Justin Lin who helmed the third , fourth , fifth and sixth chapters of the fast franchise.The ninth installment will explore the story of Dominic Toretto from London to Tokyo, from Central America to Edinburgh, and from a secret bunker in Azerbaijan to the teeming streets of Tbilisi.

The film stars returning cast members Michelle Rodriguez, Tyrese Gibson, Chris “Ludacris” Bridges, Jordana Brewster, Nathalie Emmanuel, and Sung Kang, with Oscar winner Helen Mirren and Oscar winner Charlize Theron. 

The Fast and Furious 9 also features Grammy-winning superstar Cardi B as a new franchise character Leysa, a woman with a connection to Dom’s past, and a cameo by Reggaeton sensation Ozuna.

The Return of Fast 8 villain ‘ Cipher ‘ with new foe of the franchise

We’ll see Cipher teaming up with Jakob to take down Dom

In this chapter, we’ll see Jakob Toretto ( Brother of Dominic Toretto ) played by John Cena working with Cipher to take down Dominic Toretto. Cipher will be looking up for revenge by defeating Dominic Toretto.

Teaming with Jakob will find it easier for Cipher to take revenge whereas it’s still a mystery why Jakob wants to take down his own brother Dom in the ninth installment of the fast franchise. 

Justice of Han will be coming on May 28, 2021

Looks like Han & Mia buckling up for a huge showdown

Now the most shocking return is of Han played by Sung Kang. We all saw him dying in the third and the sixth installment of the franchise, still we have him in the ninth installment is nothing but a big and a shocking surprise for all Fast fans across the globe.

But we can see Han and Mia together in a car looking tense which means they are again getting back to action against Jakob Toretto. 

Magdalene Shaw back with Dom to help him against Jakob

Magdalene Shaw will be seen helping Dom against his own brother Jakob

It’s hard to say whether we’ll see the return of the very famous Luke Hobbs and Deckard Shaw in the movie but we can find Shaw’s mother Magdalene Shaw driving a car with Dom which clearly describes the Shaw family will help Dom and his family to win against Jakob and his squad.

A family reunion at the Brian’s house

We’ll see a family reunion at Brian’s house

At the start of the 30 sec Big Game Spot, we got to see the house of Brian in construction which was destroyed in the seventh installment of the movie by Deckard Shaw in seeking revenge for his brother Owen Shaw. 

So we can expect to see a family reunion of Dom’s family with his beloved sister Mia Toretto along with the famous Tokyo Drift character Sean Boswell.

“The world has a way of changing, but there’s one thing that always stays the same in this old life”. 

Yes, Dom is referring to the power of family which can be more effective by staying together. But this time the tables have turned, we can see one of the family members Jakob Toretto will hunt Dom down. It seems like things haven’t been settled for Dom easily, he has to now face the strongest foe of the franchise. 

With some exciting moments of footage, the spot only stating that it is coming to theaters soon leaves plenty of room for Universal to delay Fast and Furious 9 again if needed. Several other blockbusters have already vacated the spring of 2021, and there are now questions if the big summer tentpole films like F9 will have to move too.

There’s no chance Fast & Furious 9 will get a streaming release, so Universal will wait as long as they must to get the sequel in theaters. Hopefully, it won’t be that long until fans around the world can see F9 on the biggest screen possible.

Fast and Furious 9 is produced by Neal H. Moritz, Vin Diesel, Jeff Kirschenbaum, Joe Roth, Justin Lin, Clayton Townsend, and Samantha Vincent and is currently expected to hit theaters on May 28, 2021.

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