Disney plus Loki series- is about to get released on this upcoming 9th June, 2021. Since the release date of Marvel’s Loki has been shifted from 11th june to 9th June, Marvel loki actor, Tom Hiddleston featured in the behind the scene video named- “Mischief Featurette”. It showed how Marvel had their best time while shooting Marvel’s Loki. The release date of Disney Plus Loki will release each episode weekly starting from this 9th June. Below is the featurette of the Disney plus Loki series:

What we know so far

Tom Hiddleston returns to reprise his fan-favorite role as the mischievous titular villain, who was last seen successfully escaping with the Tesseract in Avengers: Endgame, during Iron Man and Ant-Man’s failed attempt to retrieve it. 

Because of this, the God of Mischief has been arrested by the Time Variance Authority, a bureaucratic organization that exists outside of time and space, due to the damage he had done with the timeline. Now, he must willingly work with the TVA in order to fix the reality he broke or else face deletion from existence.

Disney plus Loki series
Director – KATE HERRON on Loki

According to the director “KATE HERRON”

Marvel’s Loki series will be seen as mixtures of Tons of Genres which was further explained by OWEN WILSON, as a big Mayhem to be seen in the show.

“The TVA oversees the sacred timelines so as to keep in timeline of each universe perfect as they were”- GUGU MBATHA-RAW

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According to the cast, this series is somewhat different from any other Marvel’s project. They hinted at many twists and turns as we’ll go by seeing each episode. 

Directed and penned by KATE HERRON and Michael Waldron, Marvel’s Loki will release this 9th June with each episode releasing each wednesdays. 

The Disney plus Loki series consists of over 6 episodes and each will have different plot holes with some many twisted webs

Below are some images from Marvel’s Loki featurette

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Varsha Gupta · June 3, 2021 at 5:54 am

Soo excited for this!! Btw great work author!!

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A villain who has become a hero now….LOki very excited for it to watch !!

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