Avengers: Endgame record was broken by Detective Chinatown 3 !!

Well ! Well ! A new Chinese blockbuster opening over Chinese new year has beaten the opening weekend box office record set by Avengers : Endgame . The Chinese blockbuster Detective Chinatown 3 grossed $ 398 million in its opening weekend in China , which was timed to coincide with the Chinese New Year .That box office puts it ahead of the  $357 million domestic opening weekend of Avengers .


This movie received a lot of response from the people and as a result of which it broke the record of one of the best movies of the century, Avenger’s Endgame .$23.5 million of Detective Chinatown 3’s opening weekend came from IMAX showings, a record for IMAX opening weekend grosses in China. It is also surprising that the ticket service Maoyan is projecting an eventual final gross of $750 million.  

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Also  Maoyan is projecting that the title will gross $700 million in total . The budget of the movie Detective Chinatown 3 was around $117 million and the budget of Avengers Endgame was $356 million which is three times more than the budget of Chinatown 3.

Cast of Detective Chinatown 3 

In addition to Wang Baoquiang as Tang Ren , Liu Hoaran as Qin Feng , Satoshki Tsumabuki as Hiroshi Noda , Tony Jaa as Jack jaa , Masami Nagasawa as Kobayashi Anna , Zhang Zifeng as Snow , Xiao Yang as Song Yi , Shang Yuxian as Kiko , Honami Suzuki , Tadanato Asano , Tomokazu Miura , Shōta Sometani , cheng Xiao , Chen Zheyuan are the parts of this movie .

Release Date

Detective Chinatown 3 is a 2021 Chinese comedy-mystery buddy film directed and written by Chen Sicheng . It is a sequel to Detective Chinatown 2 (2018) and is the third installment in the Detective Chinatown series . Firstly, it was planned for release in China for 2020 Chinese New year but was also postponed due to Covid-19, pandemic .But after that it was rescheduled and released on 12 February 2021, and made several box-office records in a very short span of time  . 

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Critical Response ! 

After pandemic and till now , this is the only movie which received such an excellent response and for statics we can say that Peter Bradshaw of The Guardian gave the film ⅗ stars and the audience of china on Maoyan gave the film a 8.8/10 score.

It was just an amazing response for the movie . 

Shocking Things !! Endgame vs Detective Chinatown 3 

Detective Chinatown 3 made RMB 673 million($104 million) in advance tickets for its opening day and RDM 950 million($147 million ) for its first week which was the highest amount ever in China beating one of most successful movie Avengers : Endgame . In fact , this film ended up debuting to RMB 2.56 billion (#398 million) , becoming the biggest opening weekend ever in a single territory (beating Endgame’s $357 million in April 2019 ). 


The movie Detective Chinatown 3 was amazing and it creates many new records . But the movie Avengers:Endgame was also a gem . But , in reality we can’t compare them because both the movies were released in different conditions . As we all know that Avengers:Endgame was released in 2019 and received the hearts of the fans . On the other side, the movie Detective Chinatown 3 was released almost after the 6 months of Covid-19,pandemic , during these 6 months all the theatres were closed so people naturally went to  watch the movie and also the movie was upto mark . This movie has created a new trend in China . The box office collection of the Avengers: Endgame was $2.789 billion worldwide whereas Detective Chinatown 3 made $600 million in very few days . 

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In reality we can say that Detective Chinatown 3 made several records in a very short time and breaks some records of Avengers:Endgame also .

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