Awake is an upcoming American science-fiction thriller movie directed by Mark Raso. Awake 2021 release date is out. Recently, Netflix dropped the first official trailer for his or her upcoming film, wide awake, staring Gina Rodriguez. The sci-fi thriller, which was first introduced in 2019, follows the chaos that ensues after an international phenomenon cuts off all electronics and concurrently people’s ability to sleep.

Rodriguez stars as Jill, an ex-soldier marked via an afflicted past who may additionally have the answers to the global difficulty within the form of her daughter.

Awake 2021 release date

Paul Schiff produced the project, from amusement One, with Mark Gordon, Josh Phillips, Matt Jackson, Greg Poirier, Mark Raso, Joseph Raso, Gina Rodriguez, and Whitney Brown serving as executive producers.

Moreover, Joanne Lee served as co-executive producer and Raso worked on the script with Greg Poirier and Joseph Raso.

Awake 2021 release date

The audience is waiting for the official announcement of the Awake 2021 release date from the last year. And now, finally, the movie Awake 2021 is going to release on 9 June 2021. 

The premise of Awake 2021

Chaos ensues after a worldwide occasion wipes out all electronics and takes away humankind’s capacity to sleep. However, Jill (Gina Rodriguez), an ex-soldier with a stroke beyond, can also hold the key to a remedy within the form of her own daughter.

After an international event wipes out humanity’s potential to sleep, a troubled ex-soldier fights to shop her family as society and her thoughts spiral into chaos.

The Casting of Awake 2021

  • Gina Rodriguez as Jill, Matilda’s mother
  • Jennifer Jason Leigh
  • Barry Pepper
  • Finn Jones
  • Gil Bellows
  • Lucius Hoyos
  • Shamier Anderson
  • Ariana Greenblatt as Matilda, Jill’s daughter
  • Frances Fisher
  • Elias Edraki as Petty Officer Diaz

Besides this, some other members are also part of the crew.

Awake Trailer Reveals why Gina Rodriguez can’t sleep 

Netflix releases the first official trailer of Awake 2021. Haven’t watched the trailer yet? Check it below:

The Awake is helmed by Mark Raso (Kodachrome), who also co-wrote the script with his brother, Joseph Raso, (Disney Channel’s Z-O-M-B-I-E-S franchise) and Greg Poirier (The undercover agent round the corner). Budd Integrated big name, Arianna Greenblatt (younger Gamora integrated Avengers), plays Rodriguez’s daughter, a function the movie seems to integrate on.

But, before the release of Awake 2021, there were lots of questions revolving around the mind of audience and now they probably get all of their answers. The relaxation of the cast is rounded out with a number of celebrity strengths, consistently built integrated. Frances Fisher, Shamier Anderson, Fbuilt-inn Jones, Lucius Hoyos, Gil Bellows, Barry Pepper, and Rodriguez’s Annihilation co-megastar, Jennifer Jason Leigh.

Moreover, from Carmen Sandiego to a person first-rate, Rodriguez seems to have harvested a sturdy partner with Netflix. The superstar comes with an enormous fan base, thanks to the popular collection, Jane the Virg Built-in, and has verified she’s got the built-in integrated range to lead films built in over one genre. Awake might not even be her first foray integrated to the arena of sci-fi as she formerly dabbled built-in style with the properly gained blockbuster, annihilation. While audiences went wild for that film, hopefully, they don’t sleep on this integrated new one as some of them got extra excited for the release of Awake 2021.

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Awake 2021 release date


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