Hey there Money Heisters. I think you guys are also obsessed with Money Heist aka La Casa de Papel. Yes, I am also obsessed with the show and with it’s characters as well. We’ve got some awesome theories for you that claims that Alicia Sierra could join the Professor’s gang. There are numerous theories but we have the most appropriate ones.

Alicia Sierra

Netflix India posted a photo on their official instagram handle. The following image was posted by Netflix India.

Everything in this photo seems to be normal but wait, something isn’t normal here. 

It’s Alicia Sierra. What is she doing here? Why is she with the other gang members?

By this Netflix may have wanted to give us a clue about Alicia Sierra could be joining Professor’s gang.

There are numerous theories explaining the reason behind “Alicia Sierra Joining the Professor’s gang” but I’ll choose the most appropriate one and post it soon on Alzato!

Let’s jump to another clue about “Alicia Sierra Joining Professor’s Gang”.

I think you haven’t missed the ‘Special ending credits’ in the last episode of the part 4 of Money Heist.

Yes, the ‘Special ending credits’ in which we saw a new version of the famous song “Bella ciao”. It sounds like Sierra’s voice, through which Netflix may want to give us a clue that Sierra may join the Professor’s gang or may be a part of it from the beginning.

Sierra could even kill the Professor, out of revenge or could simply turn him in so that her sentence could be reduced. But smart women like Alicia Sierra would do something more than just simply murdering or surrendering. I think she’ll join the Professor’s gang.

There are plenty of theories claiming Alicia Sierra may be faking her pregnancy or she may be ex-wife of Berlin or even she could be Tatiana’s (Berlin’s wife) sister.

Nairobi’s return in the season 5

Governor’s chief bodyguard Cesar Gandhia killed Nairobi with a headshot during his unsuccessful escape from the gang. Though she is dead but still her name appears on the first episode of the Money Heist 5. We’ll be watching her in flashbacks as we used to watch Berlin. But wait! Berlin may be alive and we can see him in the Bank of Spain.

The Gold

Apart from that, the gang now has to melt the remaining gold to tiny granules and somehow manage to escape with 90 tons of gold with the police and military waiting for them outside the Bank. 

They haven’t been digging a tunnel like last time, and probably wouldn’t try the same trick twice anyway. The only clue we have is that the gold is absolutely crucial to their escape as the Professor once told his gang that the gold is only their chance of getting out of the Bank of Spain. 

Professor may be planning to get outside help in exchange for the gold. Perhaps the gold is even a complete misdirect; after all, the real goal of the heist was to free Rio and even after dropping millions of euros still the gang has a lot of money left with them.

Anyhow the gang managed to melt the 90 tons of gold, how are they gonna escape the Bank of Spain?

Here comes another big question, If the team does manage to escape is whether they can keep their freedom, unlike last time of course. Is it even possible for them to live normal lives? After all, all their identities are out in the open. 

Berlin’s return

We saw Berlin being shot multiple times but I noticed that he wasn’t shot on his head and by Berlin’s character we can guess that he may have acted to be dead in front of the police.

Berlin berlin Berlin
Berlin berlin Berlin

Even it is possible that Berlin may have got badly injured due to the shots. The police might have found him alive and put him under interrogation.

As we saw with Rio, the police didn’t make his arrest official and illegally torchered him. That may be the case with Berlin.

Berlin might be under interrogation by another clever officer (Probably Miguel’s character). We might see another officer who’ll act as the pain in the ass to the Professor and the gang.

Second reason that Berlin may be alive is that his ‘dead body’ wasn’t shown. What actually does the police do with Berlin’s body? 

There was a misconception with Lisbon’s death, Professor thought that Lisbon is dead but she wasn’t. Similarly the gang thought that Berlin is dead, but actually he may not be.  

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