Alzato is a blog that is run by a group of friends who are passionate about watching TV shows and Movies. We review the web series and movies on various OTT platforms for you, so that it would be easy for you to get an idea about the content you are going to watch. 

There’s a famous quote saying – “You cannot judge a book by its cover”. Yes, It’s correct but we also believe that “You cannot judge the show or a movie by just watching its trailer”. Isn’t it correct?

Sometimes the main idea and plot of the show cannot be expressed with its trailer. That’s where the personal reviews plays their role and that’s what we do.

We’re proudly Indian!

Our Team

Saumitra Dixit

Founder & Author @ Alzato

I grew up in middle-India and now I find myself in the Punjab as an undergrad computer-science student.

The passion of watching movies and TV shows since my childhood made me fall in love with them. Then I ended up starting a blog which you’re reading now.

My friends call me an imposter as I’m indulged into different fields like designing, development, planning, marketing, testing, etc.

I found like-minded movie bug friends in my college and group up with them and they all are Chief Authors here on Alzato!

Feel free to connect with me:

Sahla Ambrein

Chief Content Writer @ Alzato

I’m Sahla Ambrein, a software engineer student who is madly in love with Netflix.

Apart from coding and watching movies & web series I love to write , thanks to my awesome writing skills and Netflix addiction, I joined Alzato to share my personal experience to the world.

Working with Alzato is an awesome experience for me. It feels like I am literally talking with my readers about movies, as previously I used to do with my friends.

I’d love to hear from you at:

Aditya Singh

Chief Content Writer @ Alzato

My friends call me web series bug but you can call me Adi! BTW my parents gave me the name Aditya.

‘Aditya’ name may be the most common but I am not.

I’m currently pursuing my undergrad from B.Tech CSE branch. I enjoyed coding since my childhood and working with Alzato, I officially became a writer too.

I think God gave me a boon that took my watching capacity to infinity. I mean literally I am a web-series bug. I can watch Netflix 24/7.

Looking forward hearing from you at:

Manish Thakur

Chief Content Writer @ Alzato

I am Manish! A software engineer guy who’s into Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

The meaning of my name is “The God of the Mind”. Yeah I may be the god my the mind but its CEO is Netflix.

The love & attraction for movies made me work with Alzato, where I share what ever is going on in my head.

Sharing my experience is like I’m sharing a part of myself to my readers. Vaise I’m dil se Engineer!

Join the fantasy world of mine:

Vikram Singh

Vikram Singh

SEO Manager @ Alzato

Hey there! I am Vikram Singh. My passion for writing and my expertise in Search Engine Optimization made me join Alzato.

I have 3+ years of experience in blogging field and I had to say that I have mastered it.

Apart from blogging, I am also an awesome mathematics student, a obsessed programmer and backend developer.

Contact me at:

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